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  1. Corey Davis only 47 percent rostered in yahoo leagues.
  2. More likely to get a TD against Steelers because Steelers focusing on Lamar in goalline my 2 cents.
  3. Put up 174 points this week 3rd in my league scoring for the week and lost. Thx Zeke for your 6.1 points,
  4. As an AB owner horrible news so many mouths to feed in Tampa. + Brady's age hes likely to regress as season wears on.
  5. its great not having anybody or facing anybody Thursday games are bad luck for me
  6. Is he worth a spot start next week my RB2 and RB3 are both on byes
  7. Id take Mcclaurin over everyone on Cowbiys besides Zeke
  8. Started Harry and Hardman and Rams D still comfortably won. but I wanted alot more points
  9. Maybe I can get last in my league 2 weeks in a row. I actually have a decent team which is why its so frustrating
  10. I'm going against him everyone I go against has a monster game.
  11. Scotty going str8 to the waiver wire asap. These players ruin rosters I don't even want the temptation to start him again
  12. I have Scotty going against ARob and Montgomery. about to be 1-4 why do I play fantasy football.
  13. I'm giving him 1 more week. He's had negative matchups and quirky game flow. He is doubled quite a bit for someone who has lost it.
  14. Mahomes Watkins. Looks so much better than Haskins Miller. If I bench these 2 and they play Tuesday. I may just forfeit my buy in and cancel redzone
  15. I mean Haskins plays tomorrow I have Mahomes what do I do?
  16. Feel bad for Conner, Henry owners losing a rb1 and rb2 at the same time brutal. If my team had this problem id be forced to start Hines and Gio
  17. If 1 team gets a 2nd bye all teams would get 2nd bye. They are not going to push entire playoff schedule back a week for 1 or 2 games
  18. I will say if this eventually creates a week 18 scenario all commissioners should schedule all playoffs championships a week later. If this becomes a problem only solution is to give all teams a extra bye week extending schedule another week.
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