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  1. If this continues, I think I would have to start him. Also have to see what happens with DJ. Idk if i can bench him when he might get me 7 blocks in those 2 games. Big big risk though. Depends on my opponent too, assuming i get there.
  2. I own DJ also, and I don't want him to ever come back lol. This guy could be a league winner.
  3. Fine wasn't real, but NBA did tell them they have to play him. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/11/sports/nba-anthony-davis-fines.html Mike Bass, an N.B.A. spokesman, said Monday that “the Pelicans were advised that the team had not identified a proper basis” to hold Davis out of games. “League rules governing competitive integrity therefore require that he be permitted to play,” Bass said. Idk what's going on tonight. There's no way AD actually gives effort and scores 3 points with 6 rebounds. Either he's doing this on purpose, or the pelicans told him to play like
  4. Two games of AD, even if he gets ~32 mins, is better than three games of anybody else not named james harden
  5. Welp. This sucks. I'm in first place by 7 games too. All i can do is pray he plays or the league steps in.
  6. pretty sure the wizards are shopping ariza and green for late picks. i think he'll have significant value when those trades happen. the tank is on.
  7. Just to be clear, this is in a situation where Marvin Bagley is owned already, right? Surely, Bagley the one that starts and benefits most if WCS is traded.
  8. He will probably be in some sort of timeshare with winslow unless they move him off the ball. Don't think he'll be useful. More importantly, barring a trade, I think he will make winslow droppable since the heat aren't tanking.
  9. Whew. He's getting better and better. Hope he keeps taking threes and passing the rock. Maybe he can be a jamal murray type of player second half.
  10. I'm punting ft% too. wall, bledsoe, drummond, DJ. Totally dominating the counting stats, and i'm in 1st place with wall as my second pick
  11. Exactly. I don't understand the narrative that he's having a bad year or slowing down. He's been exactly the same except for free throw shooting.
  12. Apparently, he had a hip injury last game. I think it explains the minutes. Hopefully it was minor and he doesn't miss games.
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