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  1. I am currently 3-3, 10 man 1 PPR league I am looking to trade cooper / Montgomery / rojo for zeke My Team -Lamar -Cooper / OBJ / Julio / Claypool -Cook / Mattison / Montgomery / Swift / Rojo -Henry What do you guys think? Also if that doesn’t work would Julio and Montgomery be a good trade? Thanks in advance Whir
  2. I hope they put him out before Saturday night. I need to grab a kicker.
  3. Sorry I traded Chark/Minshew for Allen. I figured also Minshew is going to be phased out once Foles comes back in a few weeks.
  4. 10 man 1/2 ppr league currently 4-3 in 5th place. Just made this trade, how did I do? I figured this would be the time to buy, since he hasn't been performing well. DJ Chark / Minshew for Keenan Allen My Team QB- Cousins RB- Chubb, Connor, Ekler, Murray, Snell, Sony WR- Allen, Edelman, Sanu, Boyd TE- Kelce Thanks in advance
  5. The wavier would have to be put in Saturday night. I am hoping green goes out Saturday and then I could throw him back on the IR
  6. I actually thought about not going with a Kicker.. My Opponent this week has a decent team, but as of now I have a 2 game lead over the 2nd place team.
  7. I would hang onto Edmonds, Cards are shopping for another Running back.
  8. If you have a viable backup I would say make the move, but those choices aren't great and you will be playing QB roulette every week.
  9. Who would you be starting if you were to trade away cousins?
  10. I usually would never carry 3 at all but Jackson is on a bye and Cousins in filling in this week.
  11. So I am in a bye week bind and need the roster space. Is AJ Green Droppable? I have an IR slot but his weekly Q tags keeps making me put him back on the active roster. I have Tucker on a bye this week and need a Kicker. I am Currently 6-1 My team: QB- Jackson, Brees, Cousins RB- CMC, Edmonds, Ekler, Michel, Singletary WR- Edelman, Jeffrey, Chark TE- Kelce Thanks again WHIR
  12. I like this deal for you Kupp is A+ and being it is a keeper league you have Singletary for next year. I would take this deal.
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