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  1. Steelers homer reporting for duty. Snell is at best a dart-throw. He may be a 60/40 or 70/30 split over others. However, reasonable chance the Steelers only run 10 times the whole game. I would wait for the team to show me a run game before getting involved in any part of this backfield again.
  2. They won't change his designation like they didn't change Taysom Hill's designation the day of the game. Enjoy your 1 week cheat code. Won't be like Taysom's last week, but has potential to at least put up 10+ points given garbage time! Can't imagine Royce Freeman going to throw the ball. I definitely looked him up in ESPN and saw he's listed as a QB, so nothing to do there. Definitely only worth evaluating if he's a WR/FLEX.
  3. Have to see if he plays. If Ekeler is active, he's a bench. I'd start him if Ekeler was out and Pope/Kelley were only others active given recent weeks. I think cross-country travel west to east coast has historically been a thing but I do expect this game to be relatively high scoring, so as long as he can avoid an in-game setback he should do OK.
  4. Anyone excited about him as an end of season darling? Cobb on IR, Stills out? Had a couple boom weeks end of season last year IIRC?
  5. Yes. Not a bad match-up for him either in a game the 49ers will be forced to throw due to the potency of Rams offense, against a team with very good corners (generally covering WRs).
  6. WFT defense is underrated. #1 in WR points allowed in my league. He's a fade for me this week. If he can show out against them I will feel better about him going forward (maybe not at Bal, but after that).
  7. Benching this week in favor of others, even in full PPR. If he plays I don't expect him to get much run.
  8. Gus Edwards for a 1 week rental - Ingram and Dobbins just tested positive for COVID. Bad matchup against Steelers, but their run D is weaker since losing Devin Bush (see Robinson yesterday, Dobbins/Edwards a few weeks ago) but he'll be the main rusher.
  9. The real value in this offense will be streaming the Ds who play it. I'm amazed the Bengals do not have a veteran QB who could spot start in place to mentor Joe Burrow. Fitzpatrick, counts. Tyrod Taylor, counts. Ryan mofuggin' Finley? Does not count. Gio's not a drop yet, but a bench for next week, for sure.
  10. Looked encouraging. I think he's back to at least being on benches. While I think this could be the break out point (and reiterate, that now going forward, he should be owned in all leagues) this could also be the beginning of Baltimore emulating Indy, where there is a back that has value week to week, but good luck predicting who it will be (Taylor this week, Hines last week, Wilkins a few weeks prior, etc.)
  11. They don't have to bring him up until they officially declare their inactives prior to the game, I thought? Why would they activate him from practice squad if Carson is technically questionable? To those who believe, I hope he does well for you. I have him and Carson, see you all on the other side.
  12. Not to get too far off-topic, but hopefully a Mike Davis match-up against the 32nd ranked Lions D in regards to RB points given up would allow him to have a better showing than previous weeks against tough run Ds. More so than a potential shootout where both QBs, I presume, will be responsible for upwards of 80-90% of their team's total yardage (combo of passing + QB rushing). Is it doubly so that I'm concerned about it being on Thursday and being pissed off the rest of the weekend? Sure.
  13. It's certainly team specific, but I've got Aaron Jones, Jacobs, and Mike Davis.... so yeah, I'm benching. If Collins was out as well I would find a spot for him. Dallas played well and then got scooped by Collins the next week. Not worth the risk, for my team, this week, in this situation.
  14. Steelers are burnable on back end (see Tee Higgins last week), but anyone considering benching for other good WR options given 6th round rookie having to face Blitzburgh?
  15. Benched Juju during the week for BMW b/c of Big Ben's COVID status, didn't think to switch back at 1159am on Sunday. Lost by 11. Juju got 17 points more than BMW. Gatdamnit! Now 5-5 and vulnerable to not making playoffs!
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