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  1. Yea, I don't get the OP's point. Pop actually adores guys like Jakob Poetl, I've been a SAS fan since 1997 and guys like Will Purdue come to mind. Pop doesn't care about athleticism, he cares about IQ and hustle. Dieng MIGHT crack 20-mins a night but this is Poetl's team as the big man.
  2. Collins, Danilo, Bogdanavic, Huerter, Capela, Cam Reddish, seems very crowded in Atlanta. Is the upside worth it here to roster an injured guy?
  3. Couldn't find a thread on this guy. He Almost had a trip-dub with WCJ out last game. Now with the news of WCJ being out at least 4-weeks, what do we think? I grabbed hime everywhere I could. Stat stuffer when given the minutes.
  4. I think you're missing the joke Crazy was trying to make. The RW blurb says he's out....for revenge. He's not actually out for the game. Really poor choice of words for a blurb tbh.
  5. HUGE opportunity here. No Dipo, No LeVert, no Turner, No TJ Warren.... Next to Sabonis and Brogdan, he's their best overall option. Just gotta stay patient for a couple of weeks to get back into game speed.
  6. Healthy Wall will dominate the touches on this team now. No one to compete except Oladipo. Giddy up
  7. He's just a nightmare scenario for managers. He's Too good to trade, drop or complain about when he plays....Then he just quits on his team out of the blue. He's either very weak mentally or the smartest guy in the world and is playing everyone. Dude is getting paid bank and has ZERO accountability. Nash has no control and neither does the GM or owner. Kyrie is holding all the cards and he is playing everybody by pretending to be woke while still collecting paychecks.
  8. Lol, all the big O talk. Dude saw just as many targets, and Fant is already the guy. Fant said himself he isn't hurt, he's an easy hold. Just need to hope for better QB play. His only downside is that Lock is complete Trashhhhh.
  9. Let's be honest. There's more here than we know right? I honestly think coaching staff just doesn't trust him. He could've easily played last week due to Mostert injury, and even then when Wilson went down. Something's up between the coaches and McKinnon. That rest BS is just an excuse and cover up to something deeper.
  10. https://twitter.com/nrfant/status/1320532371565875200?s=20 He's fine and he's a baller. If Denver had even a decent QB this guy would be a top TE easy with his volume and athleticism. Locke just suckkkkkkkss
  11. I think the joke here that you might be missing is that he threw it to CMC 1-million times last year. So yes, yes he does target the RB.
  12. Yes and no. His O-line isn't getting any better so I'd anticipate much of the same offense until that issue is fixed. Meaning Mixon will continue to be a terrible 1st or 2nd pick lol
  13. Yea: all this Mike Davis/McKinnon discussion and I'm curious about the guy who had over 20 carries above Eckeler this week 😨
  14. Honestly, gotta roll him out no matter what right? I'm like most as he was my 1st round pick (back of the draft).
  15. Anything more to see than just a tough matchup against a good Chargers frontline? I noticed he wasn't in during the 2-min drill. This dude was a 1st round pick for many😣
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