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  1. In 2020 Kyle Zimmer had 23IP, 10.2 K/9, 1.57 ERA. Through 5.1 IP this year he has 5 Ks and 0 ER. He is 0% Rostered because no one outside of Royals fans have thought about him since Game of Thrones season 4. However, as long as he's healthy I think he can help fill some innings with solid stats.
  2. SP, LR, MR, SU, CL...he's like a utility pitcher. He won't perform any role well enough to be relied upon regularly, but he has experience at all of them and you can roll him out there for a day.
  3. Four and two thirds? FFS...forget QS he couldn't even qualify for the W. sigh...
  4. Even if that got to Claypool, it would have been way behind him...C'mon Man!
  5. Steamin Willie Beamen before the shoulder problems. Al Pacino with Becky from Saved by the Bell level potential. I like it.
  6. Added in all leagues. Lets get freaky!
  7. What are the odds that someone on the Titanic was eating iceburg lettuce when the ship hit the iceberg? Le'Veon Bell.
  8. McKisson gonna pop off and we all gon be big mad
  9. Guy just got racked and your best 4th and 1 play is to throw him a 50/50 corner fade? smh...
  10. He didn't pull a groin. He took a Tom Brady fast ball right to the nuts.
  11. This poor attitude is what gets you benched!
  12. I'm not sure if that would be better or worse for Zeke owners, but the East is so bad that they should remain mathematically alive (the most invigorating state of living) for most of the season
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