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  1. Over the last 21 days, PG24 is dominating 3's, reb, ast, and stl. Pretty impressive list, also surprised by Jameer Nelson, damn.
  2. Agreed. George's potential is Durant, and he's clearly not there yet. That's exciting how much room he has to grow.
  3. George vs Batum tonight.... Will they guard each other? Who has the better line?
  4. There are only 4 guys in the league that produce significantly across 3's, ast, stl, and blk. Durant, LeBron, Batum and PG24. If you have PG24 and Batum you have an embarrassment of riches. Please tell me none of you have Durant/Batum/George, that would be sickeningly awesome.
  5. Is his fantasy game better than Batum's? Batum gets slightly more assists while George gets slightly more steals and a lot more boards. I'm jealous if anyone has them both.
  6. just realized my question had been asked about 20 times over the last 3 pages.
  7. This thread is like a ghost town, WTF? How are you people not talking about the tear that PG is on right now? Did the last page of this thread fall off? Im amazed by what this guy has done since 12/29. Averaging 19/10/4/2 in that span, simply incredible. This surely has to be his ceiling, right? Sell high, right? LOL That's what I'm trying to tell the PG owner in my league. Been dangling Al Jefferson to no avail... sigh I wish I was a paul george owner...
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