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  1. Bear with me here as I admit to being kind of stupid. But how is scenario 4 all but locked up and why would "clinch first seed before kickoff at 1 pm Sunday" be any different than right now?
  2. Here's a wacky idea. All 3 teams play this week (week 16). Then next week (17), the two tied teams play each other again with the winner of that match putting his week 16 score up against the guy who wasn't involved in the tie. That way the guy who didn't tie isn't penalized and the two that were take it outside behind the barn to settle their match. Kind of sucks in that a winner isn't decided until week 17, but it seems somewhat fair.
  3. Referees obviously didn't get the memo about coddling the Ravens. Absolutely atrocious once again. But that's fine, we'll run the table from here on out and I would dearly love to play Crapsburgh in the first round at full strength. I admit to being a sore loser, but that is the luckiest team on God's green earth. Ben's mini Hail Mary for the first down was proof once again of that.
  4. It is, but huge for Tanny or Hank? Hoping the former.
  5. The stars are aligning almost too well for Hyde. Russ hasn't been cooking, D line dinged for Arizona, and no other professional running backs active. Hyde will either go 20-110-2 or 20-40-0. But I'll take my chances!
  6. Kudos to whoever said much earlier about costing 800k or whatever to promote Collins. Great call!
  7. Good points, but the difference is back then we had Check Down Joe and now we have Lamar. I think the only way the Ravens get the offense even close to resembling last year is to have Lamar run more. They just don't have the firepower on the O Line to bulldoze people anymore.
  8. Dobbins is droppable in redraft. Simple truth is, my Ravens kind of suck this year. Marshall Yanda's retirement was a huge hit on the O Line and now Stanley is out of the year. We have a center who can't snap the ball more than about 3 feet and it all adds up to a running game that just isn't going to take off. And I disagree with the above that said Dobbins is the best looking runner on the field. He's been pretty indistinguishable from The Bus for the most part. I like Dobbins long term, but it's time to pi$$ on the fire and call in the dogs.
  9. You're right, probably better in the Hyde thread. I got too giddy!
  10. As a Hyde/Carson owner, tremendous news on Carson! Worst nightmare is they both play.
  11. I will depending on Carson/Hyde status. I have both of them too so if all are active, I'd go Carson>Ahmed>Hyde. If Carson is out, man, I don't know.
  12. Oh, sorry, missed that point. I have nothing for you on that.
  13. There's a trick to doing this. I have discovered that if you put moves in early Tuesday morning, like before 8 a.m. Eastern, it will process them when the waivers go through as if the guys are still listed as Out. See this link: https://support.espn.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035123032-How-does-the-Injured-Reserve-IR-slot-impact-Waiver-Claims-and-Free-Agent-Acquisitions-
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