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  1. 1 ppr or .5 ppr? i "had" him in .5 ppr and he didnt hit 10 points at all.
  2. all i know is Sony have more fantasy points than the other 5 pats rbs combined. numbers dont lie. no need for me to debate or lose sleep on the bellichick backfield. set and forget.
  3. yeah but this is Sam Darnold thread and he is a former USC "star".
  4. LOL. he is a desperate low end flex with 10 point high ceiling.
  5. espn radio in ny was touting this guy as a must stash before kick off before its too late. lol i fell for the trap but dropped him in the 3rd quarter.
  6. too much money on the over in vegas perhaps led coaches to change thier game script. dan jones prob hit the rookie wall already though. or too much pressure to go up against star studded heisman winner murray.
  7. lol why do contract hold outs affect rbs whether or not they have a new contract? i will always remember chris johnson hold out. leveon have not done much. and now melvin.... just to name a few
  8. dropped him while the game was not even over. i advise others remove him from your team if you unfortunately have him rostered.
  9. zimmer ran the ball second half? last i saw diggs got a 65yd reception towards the end of the game even with a big lead?
  10. so what if he didnt have to sit? would he still get to play against the same teams after the bye?
  11. had a few chance to pound it in last night near the goal line. if he had pounded it in on his first attempt, patrick would have not gotten injured. so yes, this will cloud over him and the team. sure, they can forgive but it will never be forgotton. edit_sorry, thought this was darrell williams thread. LOL
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