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  1. I run a combined league (a little manual effort), but gives a true standing...H2H and then top 6 scorers a week get a win/bottom 6 get a loss...so, every week one could go 2-0, 1-1, or 0-2...it's worked out great the past 3-4 years now.
  2. The hit that hurt Rodgers was a fair and legal hit even he said it. We all know it. Fellow Packers fan - That logic always makes ZERO logical sense. You like the Packers, Rodgers gets hurt, rule gets change, you must agree with the rule. Football is football is football regardless of what team/player you follow. It was a fair and legal hit, and we all have to live with this new football...the fans didn't change the rule. The NFL changed the rule. Last year was a huge year of Star players getting hurt and the viewership suffered due to it (amongst other things that I don't want to ge
  3. Lol, Bellichek IS smart... Best to let Gronk heal for NFL playoffs, but he definitely has not looked as his usual self this season at all.
  4. Your scenario has one flaw and that is the bigger picture will not come into play this season. To go through that many guys in the number of weeks between now and the end of the season just won't pan out. You also need to take into consideration that Beanie will potentially come back as well. I like the potato too, but I'm just not seeing it...but, I'm also not jumping ship quite yet.
  5. Holy crap...I need a new monitor because I took off my shoe and started hitting 'its' image...wtf is that?!? ***BEWARE OF THAT LINK***
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