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  1. Re: bulletin board material Jags had plenty of material before playing the Steelers and were clearly motivated by it. Didn’t screw them over one bit. Re: Brady injury People bitch when the Pats disclose injuries and people bitch when the Pats don’t disclose injuries. What can you do? Either way Brady won’t make any excuses for how he plays, that’s not his style, he’s not Roethlisberger like that. He’s played through a sports hernia (2005 season) that wasn’t disclosed until after the season. He’s been playing through an Achilles tendon injury since midseason
  2. Not as lazy as the argument/implication that one team will definitely struggle to win their next game simply because they needed a “miracle” to win before, or that said miracle team is undeserving of their spot. Also I never said nor implied the Eagles needed a miracle to win their game, you reached that conclusion all on your own. My point with including their win over the Falcons is...surprise, surprise...playoff games are often competitive and closely contested, and can come down to one big catch or one critical stop. It’s real simple. Every game is different. Every opponent is
  3. The mistake many people make is to focus on one play to marginalize the fact that the team won. Do remember that it was widely expected to be the game of the weekend and it lived up to its billing. Two evenly matched teams (I was among many who favored the Saints to win the NFC), and the playoffs will provide competitive games that come down to one play. You can’t just assume one team’s game will translate to the next. Struggling at home early and getting a fortuitous win hasn’t stopped some teams from going far. The 92 Bills were down 32 points at home in the wildcard to the Oiler
  4. Wait, Axe Elf posts here too? Holy crap, I haven’t heard from that dude since the old FantasySportsWire days in the early 2000’s. Also Henry didn’t stand a chance. I think everybody except DHC knew ahead of time Belichick was going to gameplan him out of the picture early.
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