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  1. I love Jokic, but I'd keep Kawhi this year. Durant and Kawhi will give you very stable, high level production. Durant and Kawhi combo is super easy to build around as the draft unfolds.
  2. ESPN auto bids one dollar at a time. I suggest the absentee owner pre-bid higher than ESPN on his/her favorite 3 players for 3 levels of prices.
  3. Being a Wolves fan, Gibson has been my final pick in every draft I've done. I can see Gibson being a 10-8 guy with a 3 made each game. Hopefully a block and steal as well! Not a bad fantasy bench guy.
  4. I think this is a nice summary for him heading into the season. He has looked really good the first two games. Dieng isn't going to start unless the Wolves struggle and a mix within the 1st/2nd units may be the answer. He could possibly push Gibson to the bench by Christmas. If he starts, he'll play 5 more mpg than coming off the bench.
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