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  1. Do you guys still have him ranked high in dynasty? I'm thinking of acquiring him with his current value. Who to you has higher value in dynasty: him or Isaac?
  2. 2 treys 17 pts 6 reb, 1 ast 1stl on 54% fg 60% ft. Didn't see the game. Did he have a good game or were these garbage numbers? I have a waiver claim for Theis and dropping Bagley which if successful may be processed later today and wondering if i should hold.
  3. Yeah. I'd drop Zeller for Delon Wright. You can streambthat other spot between Zeller and Poeltl, Zubac too if he's available.
  4. That's overkill with all those bigs you got, and you still have Nurk on IR.
  5. Theis just cleared waivers. I own Bagley and wanted to drop him, just looking for a good replacement. I'm only stashing him coz my team is doing great and i can afford to stash. But now KD is on IR. and i got PG too.
  6. Why not try to offer Booker instead of VanVleet? I like him more than Booker. Also Embiid will get his rests, so that is something to think about. If he takes Booker instead, i'll probably take it.
  7. Who should i drop for Dragic? Or hold?
  8. Bogdan Bogdanovic or Otto Porter? Got Bogdan on IR and Porter just cleared waivers and is now an FA.
  9. Yeah i'Il probably go for it. I need to strengthen stls, and am overloaded in ast. Plus Dragic is always hurt.
  10. Someone dropped DiVincenzo and he's about to clear waivers. Drop Dragic for him? Hold?
  11. Wanted to drop Bagley but i don't know, somehow i can't pull the trigger. I probably would if i see someone i like on the wire. I did think of dropping him a few times and tried trading him. Anyway i was able to get Donte just now off waivers. I need stls, and he has that compared to Porter, and i need that guard eligibilty since i was left with just 3 guards. Ross is still available. I've owned him before and i find him annoying to own. I kept dropping and picking him up in this same league last season. Hopefully he stays available though, in case i need to drop someone. Thanks for yo
  12. Owned already. Theres Bogdan, but not sure when he'll return. Bev and Monte Morris are available, but Bev's out too.
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