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  1. Yeah i went with THT. O’Neale’s been a good end of bench guy for me for most of the season, contributes a little bit everywhere and doesn’t hurt the %, but i dropped him 2 or 3 weeks ago when his fg% dropped and he went on a slump.
  2. I picked up Tyler Horton-Tucker for today. Just read Conley, Favors and Gobert is out today. Who’s the better stream for 3s pts ft%? THT or Royce O’Neale?
  3. Dang. Looks like he’ll be stuck on my IL, and i’ll be stuck with Nunn and can’t stream.
  4. Why’s he sitting sunday? I’m hoping he plays both games and maybe help me win this week. I want to get that 1st rd bye coz he plays just 2 games next week.
  5. Is he gonna play? I’ve only read about Lowry, Siakam and OG resting.
  6. I’ll go Bojan. But if you need ast, go with Sato. I’d trust him over Coby White.
  7. I own VanVleet in two leagues. Who do i drop to activate him? Team 1: Huerter or T. Ross? Huerter is my waiver wire pickup from last week, replacing the player inoriginally picked when i put VanVleet on IL. Ross is part of my roster ros, but lately his numbers and minutes aren’t ok while Huerter’s been playing well the past few games. Team 2: Nunn or Rubio? Nunn is a recent pickup who replaced the player i got when i put VanVleet on IL. Rubio is also a part of my rest of season roster for his ast and stl, but lately his minutes are down to 19 a game with DLo is back.
  8. Week 16, currently at 2nd spot, just 2.5 games ahead of the next team. I really want that 1st round bye since i own VanVleet, who i hope returns anytime soon during fantasy playoffs. Raps have only 2 games for round 1. Should i drop and stream? Or hold?
  9. KD is reported to return wednesday. Who do i drop between Batum and Zubac. Zubac provides fg% reb and blk, but LAC got Cousins, and there’s Ibaka too. Batum gives me a little bit of everything from 3s pts reb ast stl and sometimes blks with low TOs and does nor hurt my %.
  10. Lost out on NAW. Barton just went 0/7. Would love to drop him asap, but there’s not much on the wire. Melton maybe.
  11. Thinking of putting a claim on Richardson. Should i drop Barton for Richardson? Also, how would Redick affect Richardson’s value?
  12. Roster dilemma. Who to drop when VanVleet returns? I got Batum, Rubio, Royce O’Neale to choose from. Also has Nerlens Noel who i keep cause of steals and reb. I also have Nurk on my IL, so i’ll be dropping another one when he comes back. My team strength are FT% 3s Pts Ast Stl. Also a bit strong in reb. FG% is ok. Weakness is blks so i ignore it but not punt, and there are weeks i’m strong in blks and get 30+. Roster is: PG/SG: Doncic, CP3, Conley, Rubio, DiVincenzo SG/SF/PF: Ingles, PG, Barton, Batum, O’Neale PF/C: Jokic, Covington, Ibaka, Noel IL: VanVleet, Nurkic
  13. My bad. Just checked. Yeah it's O'Neale. Anyway thanks.
  14. Add: Rubio provides the stls and ast. Bertans gives me 3s, not much else. O'Neil gives a little of everything and is like a good end of bench player to have. Leaning on O'Neil here. Your thoughts?
  15. Who should i drop when VanVleet and Nurkic returns? Rubio, Bertans, Royce O'Neil are the choices. All these three were FA pickups when my then players McCollum, DLo LeVert, plus Nurk were injured. My strengths are ft% 3s pts ast stl. Reb and blk are ok, but i don't focus too much on that coz there are a few teams that are super loaded with bigs. Currently sitting at 2nd. Here's my roster. PG: Doncic, CP3, Conley, Rubio, DiVincenzo SG/SF: Paul George, Ingles, Barton PF/C: Jokic, Covington, Noel, Ibaka, Bertans, O'Neil IR: VanVleet, Nurkic
  16. I did. Can't resist the offer. Thanks for the help guys.
  17. I just received an offer of VanVleet for my Collins. Great offer, but i have loads of guards on my roster, 6 to be exact, and still have two on IL in McCollum and DLo. I would accept if the trade deadline is still far away, and maybe ship him or another PG for another player with a different roster position. But deadline's on the 11th. What to do here, accept anyway? Hold? Both fit my build where my main strengths are ft 3s pts ast stl. Reb are ok, but i ignore though not totally punt blk. My bigs are Jokic, Collins, Covington, Nurk, Noel. Doing this deal would hurt my fg and reb, but really s
  18. Should i trade my McCollum/LeVert/DLo for Donovan Mitchell/Draymond Green?
  19. Do you guys still have him ranked high in dynasty? I'm thinking of acquiring him with his current value. Who to you has higher value in dynasty: him or Isaac?
  20. 2 treys 17 pts 6 reb, 1 ast 1stl on 54% fg 60% ft. Didn't see the game. Did he have a good game or were these garbage numbers? I have a waiver claim for Theis and dropping Bagley which if successful may be processed later today and wondering if i should hold.
  21. Yeah. I'd drop Zeller for Delon Wright. You can streambthat other spot between Zeller and Poeltl, Zubac too if he's available.
  22. That's overkill with all those bigs you got, and you still have Nurk on IR.
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