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  1. Highest scoring team in the regular season, lost the last week of the regular season by 3 points and in doing so missed out getting a bye week... My team then goes on to score the fewest point total I had all year in the first round and get bounced out of the playoffs... Then, in the irrelevant 5th place match up, my team goes on to score the highest point total that any team in our league scored in a single week all year. f--- fantasy football.
  2. I’m in that exact spot... Been riding Murray all year but with him banged up and facing a tough D in the Giants and Herbert facing a terrible Falcons D I have decided to go with Herbert... Not feeling super confident about it but I’ve made the decision.
  3. QB - Herbert WR - Tyreek WR - Juju RB - A Jones RB - Da Johnson TE - L Thomas Flex 1 - Co Davis Flex 2 - Antonio K - Lutz D/ST - SF Bench - K Murray- J Jacobs - Gurley - Pittman - J Williams Feels weird benching Murray for the first time all year, other than his bye week, in the first round of the playoffs but his match up is terrible and Herbert’s match up couldn’t be better. Finished in 3rd with most points scored, losing Fuller and Jacobs right before the start of the playoffs was brutal.
  4. Without the Denver QB news I would have definitely recommended Edmonds but I could see Latvious getting a lot of work in a non competitive blow out for the Saints... Think I’d still go Edmonds but that’s a tough call. Good luck.
  5. To me this is an easy choice for Godwin.
  6. 10 team - Full PPR I’m projected to win big, already have Fuller’s 35 point Thanksgiving game in the bag... Who should I play at my second flex? Juju vs Ravens Meyers vs Cards Brian Hill vs Raiders Going into this week I had Juju penciled in but with all the covid concerns and that being a Tuesday game I’m thinking playing it safe might be better... Thoughts? WHIR... Leave a link.
  7. This guy went from, eh maybe I’ll pick him up 2 weeks ago, to me playing him over Gurley and Antonio (both terrible match ups) this week. I watched the Sunday night game, Cam was locked in on him all night, should have had a receiving TD to go along with the passing TD but Cam threw a terrible pass into he ground. Methinks a legit WR2 moving forward.
  8. I’d pick up Miami D, couple tasty match ups ahead, and drop one of your RB’s cuffs.
  9. 10 team - Full PPR Need to play 2 of these 4 choices at my flex spots: Antonio vs Rams Meyers @ Texans Gurley @ Saints Juju @ Jags WHIR... It might take me a bit if I get busy with work but I will eventually get back to you
  10. Need Bears D/ST to score less than 20, their high on the season is 12 in our scoring... After an 0-3 start this week would make me 6-4 and 1 game back from a first round bye... f--- yeah... f--- the bears.
  11. Come on Antonio... The people believe in you... The people need you... LET’S GO!!!
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