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  1. Been shopping him in my league, no one wants anything to do with anyone on Dallas. Benching him for Gibson
  2. Starting him in both my leagues. Hopefully can get me a win so I make it to the playoffs!
  3. well i expected fournette and jags D to have at least 20pts each. Im up by 4pts but opponent has Flacco.
  4. Im leaning towards Stafford, he usually does good on turkey day, but Min def, held the high scoring Rams. What do you guys think, stafford or Smith?
  5. Well Im not sure who to drop, team listed below Cam, A Smith Jordy, Dez, Alshon, Doctson, Ginn Jr, Lockett, K Benjamin, DeDe Freeman, Kamara, Abdullah, Foreman, Stewart Rudolph Prater Car Def
  6. Gallman, with most of there WR injured I think the Gmen will try to run more, or throw to rb. Keep Agholor
  7. Pryor or davis for me. I currently have Davis stashed hopefully mariota plats soon.
  8. I have a few offers for Gronk. (12 team 0.5ppr qb, 3 wr, 2 rb, 2 w/r/t flex) trade A: I give Gronk/M Bryant I get: Rudolph/Dez Bryant trade B: I give Gronk/M Bryant I get: Newton/Rudolph trade C: I give Gronk/Breida I get: Kamara/Dickson Getting rid of Gronk would hurt but I like trade A, I also would like another QB besides Stafford so trade B is fine. C is ok but I dont think Dickson will produce consistently. Should I stand pat?
  9. what about Dede Westbrook? He had a pretty good preseason and should be back week 9. Would he be better ROS than williams or davis? I currently have both.
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