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  1. No, he's saying Sato is a black hole in not being able to get the ball to Lauri.
  2. Prefacing with I'm definitely not a doctor and have no idea how similar or different Rishaun's tear was to mine, but labral tears don't really heal. The labrum is more like a ring of cartilage that keeps the shoulder in place. He's not going to heal in two weeks. It's more a matter of the extent of the pain and how much he can tolerate. For me, it wasn't the labral tear that was painful. It was the shoulder impingement that was associated with it. The way I had to treat the labral tear was to the build up the supporting muscles around the shoulder joint. Mostly rotator cuff and lower trap work
  3. Ugh. Dropped him earlier for Garland. Enjoy the ride fellas!
  4. Not going to nuke your FG tonight! (He's out...along with half the rest of my team)
  5. Christian Wood was questionable going into the game so can't really tell if that was why he lost minutes.
  6. Gave Drummond his steal because he stole Drummond's board.
  7. I'm in the same boat. Getting fed up with Nance waiting for love to be traded, but if I were to trade him, I'd do it for hachi, unless you really need the center help. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/797203-embiid-for-hieldgobert-whir/
  8. I like Noel. He puts up good numbers on limited minutes. Plus with potential of Adams being traded. And yes, I'd drop wright.
  9. My team: Giannis, Embiid, Elf Payton, Mitch Rob, Graham, Holmes, Nance, Bruce Brown, Fournier, Garland, Barton, Lou Will, Nerlens Noel. Team in 2nd has offered Gobert and Hield for Embiid. Thoughts on the trade? Other key players he has are KAT, Trae, John Collins. Leave a link and I'll try to help.
  10. Damn. I first misread that as "the Hawks have completed a possible trade for Steven Adams." I need coffee.
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