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  1. Yup - Bortles, Cohen, Darkwa, Enunwa - seems like a no-brainer tbh - help in return?
  2. 10 team PPR Dynasty league. RBs are Fournette, Howard, and Mixon. WRs are OBJ, Michael Thomas, Josh Gordon, Dez, Agholor, and some others with Golloday and Kupp obtained in the 2017 rookie draft and 'on deck'. I also have 1.04 in my back pocket to help bolster my RBs. (different team from the one in my signature) I give up Dez and 1.07 for ARob Thoughts? Only thing really holding me back is that this league always has a top prospect or two fall to the later 1st and I wouldn't be surprised if one of the top 3 or 4 RBs falls that far. Thanks in advance.
  3. Well, if you are like me, and most other Gurley owners, all you really needed was Gurley. ;-)
  4. For a 14 team league where RBs are going to be extremely sparse Gurley could very well be the player that pushes you to the championship. I like your chances.
  5. I like Diggs, as others have said, with Rudolph out Diggs may be the benefactor in increased targets. Davis vs Woods? Not sure there. tbh I don't own either and haven't really been following either in great depth. Given SEA's mess at RB I would probably lean toward Woods.
  6. Drake / Freeman - Freeman is a stud, always start your studs, unless you have more than one to choose from :-P Hill / Theilen - this is tough, AJG, HIll, and Theilen are all top WRs and Funchess has been the past couple weeks since Benjamin left. i think Hill and Theilen / Keenum has more upside than AJG / Dalton or Funchess / Cam
  7. I've got HIll locked in as my WR1b next to MIchael Thomas at WR1a. In fact, if OBJ were healthy I would be starting OBJ, Thomas, HIll with Hill over Evans. Thoughts here?
  8. Here we go. Can't believe the FF world is actually considering benching Evans. He's scored double digit points when he gets double digit looks, but his targets are greatly down and Tate has been more efficient with comparable targets. That said, is Evans due, having caught his last TD week 7? If this was the regular season I would just roll with Evans, but with this being the 2nd rd of the playoffs I keep second guessing. lol Year to date stats: Evans - 55/760/4 on 107 targets vs ATL with an inefficient QB(?) spreading the ball more this year Tate - 79/852/4 on 102 targ
  9. If Fournette plays, you play Fournette, not even a question in my mind. My mantra, "Always start your studs, no matter what" - now, that said, I'm on the fence between Mike Evans and Golden Tate. lol Wow, to be able to start Kamara, McCoy, and Fournette - glad I'm not playing against you lol
  10. Same situation here. In the playoffs, starting Mike Thomas (WR1a) and Tyreek Hill (WR1b) and need to decide between Mike Evans or Golden Tate.
  11. You are assuming CIN doesn't try to trade Hill............. ;-)
  12. I've got my top five ranked like this: 1.01 - Fournette - Landed in the ideal spot where the offense if going to flow through him on the ground. Clear cut goal line back will translate into top 5 RB fantasy production at some point. 1.02 - McCaffrey - Again, landed in the ideal spot where his overall ability in both the run and pass game are going to be on display. Gets a knock down if not in PPR league, but in PPR league, he's my nbr 2 1.03 - Cory Davis - See a theme here? TEN found it's go to WR1 if the foot injury works out - therein lies the risk, that d
  13. lol, been a big fan of Decker for years. I have a side bet with my brother that he's WR15 or better overall through wk 17 points. I'm sure I'm going to lose $5 this year. :-P
  14. The report about his 'intense' rehab was from Oct 2016 (from what I found). He's done. I dropped him from a dynasty team, one to which he helped me win a championship in 2013, last August. Maybe if you have deep expanded off season rosters in a dynasty league you grab him as an off season hold after the rookie draft off waivers. Or maybe you throw a dart his way in one of the final rounds of a re-draft league.
  15. Looking at just WRs, 23 had over 1000 compared to 100 that had over 276. In a 10 team league that starts 3 WRs, 30 WRs are started on a weekly basis. That puts Wallace in the conversation as a 2016 every week starter. Granted, 2016 alone will not predict 2017 and many factors will be taken into account. However, If Wallace is even a 'top 50' WR, he holds value as a bye week / injury filler, imo. On one hand, you can maybe find that bye week / injury filler off waivers (maybe not in a 12 team league), on the other, perhaps having a bit of a safety net will get you one win out of a three we
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