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  1. Just now, TrueShoe said:


    Yeah a reversal seems like the easiest way to deal with this.  Just can't let this become an all the time thing.  If you're only having 1-3 trades a year and you have to reverse just as many that would be messed up lol.  But better reverse this trade now rather than give one team the thought of their season being ruined and another team a clear advantage on everyone else.


    Where were the other guys drafted at?


    CMC was #1 overall, Odell was a 2nd rounder, Aaron Jones a 4th rounder.  I'm not sure where the other guys went off hand.

  2. 10 minutes ago, FouLLine said:


    Well so far only 4 of the 10 owners have chimed in... Well 5 if you include the guy who traded CMC.  I was just trying to get out in front and get some perspective on this before some crazy argument broke out off the rails.


    Yeah a reversal seems like the easiest way to deal with this.  Just can't let this become an all the time thing.  If you're only having 1-3 trades a year and you have to reverse just as many that would be messed up lol.  But better reverse this trade now rather than give one team the thought of their season being ruined and another team a clear advantage on everyone else.


    Where were the other guys drafted at?

  3. 4 minutes ago, bhawks489 said:

    Sounds like buyers remorse to me. He obviously put those players together in a package.


    Id let the league vote on it and leave it as that. Have it be a one time thing and let the league know going forward that canceling trades afterwords won’t happen


    Unless there is some clear history of this happenimg. I'm sure there's more context but if those are the basic facts then I'd say yeah obviously reverse it as it already looks like a near collusion trade.

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  4. You obviously just reverse the trade if it wasn't an intentional trade. When does the number 1 overall pick get traded the day after the draft?  The entire point of a trade is 2 people agree to a trade if someone here is saying that their phone put it through then you have to go off of that especially when the trade looks that bad for them.

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  5. 17 hours ago, Sine_cera said:


    No it makes no sense.


    Verlander and Cole are FA next season so unless Houston wants to pay them, they'll be gone. Morton is already gone. Keuchel is looking to get paid and McCullers just had TJS.


    You do realize there's a serious chance that in 2020 the Astros will have a pitching staff of Whitley, Josh James and McCullers as their Top 3 guys? 


    Even if they want to go all-in this year the Realmuto trade would make no sense. Trading for Bauer/Kluber/Greinke would. Beyond Verlander and Cole the Astros pitching staff has serious question marks. McHugh was good out of the pen but can he be a good starter again? How good is Josh James going to be? Is Whitley ready and how many innings can he pitch?


    Sign Cruz if you're so concerned about the hitting and trade Tucker or Alvarez for a stud SP. 


    Whitley, Josh James, and McCullers would basically be the worst case scenario top 3 for Houston and that honestly wouldn't be all that bad. But yeah not likely a World Series winning pitching staff. 


    As you stated Whitley can't be counted on for a bunch of post season innings at this point in his career.  He's already gotten injured.


    But even so they have some time to make some moves. Also I read somewhere Verlander has an option for 22 mil in 2020 if he reaches certain incentives over the life of his contract.  So The Stros may still have Veralnder in 2020.


    Honestly Bauer makes a ton of sense for Houston to trade for. He's still fairly young and would fit in well with Houston's "time frame". He's a steal at 6.5 million for this year.  

  6. 7 minutes ago, Slatykamora said:

     Fair point. I guess i'm jumping to conclusion that if you play in these deep minor leagues. They are deep leagues in general. There is little point in having a extremely deep MILB pool smaller leagues because the replacement level MLB production is so high.


    Zorbrist who had 47 BB and 35 K's in 310 PAs?  You have done nothing to disprove my point about high K% guys in the low minors that are also old for their level.


    I never said there weren't warts and risks to him.  But if he does carry over that type of production to Advanced A and/or AA next year he would then find himself probably in the top 100.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Slatykamora said:

    So? He hit like 3 HRs then and he's in AAA now. If you are playing in a very deep minor league roster. You should have appreiction towards proximity to majors.


    Golden is worth owing in the very deep formats for the simple reason others thinks he's worth something. An Asset is an asset. Gallo and Pham were high schoolers and were on different developmental points...but there are people want to follow the raw stats.  Can do whatever you want. Prospecting is not some perfect formula or anything.



    The deeper the minor league system the less importance proximity becomes.


    Also Ben Zobrist is another example 24 in A ball (way better K%).

  8. 1 hour ago, LarrysBraves26 said:

    I see conflicting things with McKay. Hes 22yrs old which is older for A ball. He didn't hit well enough to deserve a promotion to AA. However he did pitch well enough for a AA promotion. I see ETA's for him saying 2019? I also see ceiling remarks that make him sound crazy legit. hes ranked 24th on the pipeline top 100 (end of 2018 rankings). Do we believe hes getting a cup of coffee in 2019 with TB who is notorious for slow rolling talent to the show?? Thoughts gentlemen? 


    22 isn't too old for A ball in generally this is especially so when it's your first full season in the minors.  Also note that he was quickly promoted to Advanced A last season before injuries (oblique twice I believe?).  He was basically unhittable in A ball.

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  9. 5 minutes ago, brockpapersizer said:


    I'm sure there's a few owners who are very poor at the minor league side of things that could benefit from adding him, but my watch list alone has guys I'd rather own than him. The aforementioned Roberto Ramos is unowned.


    Roberto Ramos could end up being a big time sleeper too.  I too would rather have him than Golden.  Higher in the minors, still bad but better K%, and even more power.


    For what it's worth both Golden and Ramos are owned in my 400 prospect league (I own neither of them).

  10. 22 minutes ago, brockpapersizer said:


    Totally agree with you at that point. I'd say as of now, none of my leagues are deep enough to warrant owning guys not in the top 30 of a J2 class until they've started to pop stateside. I was able to get Danny Diaz for free after the injury last year, and Diaz was like a top 7 guy in his class.  My league runs close to 500 minor leaguers owned, so that's why I think guys like Golden are merely watch list guys for me at the moment. I know other leaguers are deeper than mine, but I already seem to be in the minority at my depth. 


    If you got 500 minor leaguers Golden should be owned.  I'm sure most of the teams in your league have 3-4 prospects they could get rid of for Golden.

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  11. 1 hour ago, brockpapersizer said:

    No one hates Casey Golden,.  Most of us play in leagues with a limited number of minor league spots. It's just a really high k rate coupled with being a lower level prospect who is old for his level.  The Rockies entire minor league org pretty much plays in hitter friendly parks and have a lot of hitters who you can dream on for being a good hitter with Coors added.  Roberto Ramos is well ahead of Golden, hit over 30 home runs last year and is younger than Golden, and even he seems like a longshot.


    Someone brought up Brandon Lowe as a knock on underestimating Golden. Did you have Brandon Lowe since early 2017? If Casey Golden gets up to AA quick and starts raking there, I see more value in getting him.  I feel like Brandon Lowe didnt get much buzz before this last season and in all the deeper dynastys he was owned in, I'd venture to guess he was a 2018 pickup in most of them. That's kind of my point.  Nothing wrong with an older prospect whose made some changes and investing in them when they are closer to the majors (more on that later with a name!).  That being said, I wouldn't hang my hat on Brandon Lowe. Let's say you are an outstanding fantasy prospector and owned him very early in 2017, or dare I say before that! Congratulations! You have a fringe 12 team MI option. I'm sure he has deep league and AL Only value more so, but nobody is really kicking themselves for not jumping on the Brandon Lowe train super early. I would just rather investing in 17 year old international hoping one pops like a Wander Franco/Tatis/Eloy/Vlad if I'm making a multi year investment play. I'd rather waste 4-5 spots and get 1 of those guys and than waste 4-5 spots to get 3-4 Brandon Lowes.


    Yes Lowe was a pick up but many dynasty owners saw him but passed up due to his age (granted he's really only 1 grade older and a few months older than Golden).  I was the one who picked him up in 2 of my 3 deep dynasties and I was on the fence and took an extra week or 2 to pull the trigger cause of his age.  


    While I don't disagree with your logic of taking lottery tickets on more unknown elements and younger players.  Vlad, Eloy, Tatis, and Franco all were elite international prospects.  In a draft situation those guys would be long gone before you drafted a guy like Golden.  Vlad and Tatis were 1 and 2 international prospects the year they signed and Vlad went in the 1st round and Tatis in the early 2nd round in my dynasty drafts that year.  Franco last year was the 2nd or 3rd international prospect off the board in all my dynasties (counting Ohtani).  Eloy was a top international pick as well.


    I also think you're undervaluing Brandon Lowe.  Don't be surprised if he has a better triple slash line than Tatis and/or Eloy over the next 3 years.  I think it's almost a certainty Lowe will produce more runs the next 2-3 seasons compared to Vlad, Eloy, Tatis (Franco).  


  12. On 11/19/2018 at 9:45 AM, I like baseball said:

    If Team A has a need for pitching, it wins.  If team B has excess pitching and can afford to make the move, then it wins as well.  It doesn't have to be one side or the other here.  


    Yeah this is a pretty good outlook here.  Snell and Gleyber is a pretty expensive price but it's for Lindor.  Who knows in 3 years Snell + Gleyber is probably clearly worth more than Lindor but right now that's probably what it would take to get Lindor.

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  13. 34 minutes ago, Slatykamora said:

    We can say anything can happen. Because it certainly can. I'd prefer to focus on higher percentage calls.  We know the Low A pitches are way worse than AA pitchers. 


    Making contact is the most difficult thing. When it comes to senior signs. We've seen players with great contact skills late bloom into power. (Brian Dozier, Tyler White) Reverse engineering, is usual much harder and I can't think of a single example of a 23 year old in A Ball.


    Its a different ball game when we are talking about AAA/AA high K guys who are older. Because they only need to improve their contact skills enough to make 1 jump. You have a guy that just turned 24 that has make exponential improvements to hit.  I prefer to throw my betting chips on the plus age to level hitter with tools that struggled last year. Short season skill bets,  Or the various older AAA/AA Guy who crushed.


    Like Rangel Ravelo or Joey Meneses


    I too like Rangel Ravelo, from a great highschool (produced Bucky Dent and Charlie Hough among other MLB talents).  


    But even "reverse engineer" Joey Meneses.  The dude was in Advanced A ball at 23 OPSing .625 are you honestly going to tell me that you think being 1 level higher makes up for OPSing 300 points lower?  It doesn't I'll take the guy one level down hitting better just about every time.   Now I do understand we are more so valuing Meneses at what he did last year in the International League which no doubt was impressive enough to warrant some fantasy thought at the very least.  The other thing that is being vastly over looked in Golden's case is how little pro experience he has.  Put his age aside and realize this was his first full season as a professional player.  I think far better comps would come out of looking at players in their first full year as a pro that even made it to A ball let alone produced in this fashion.


    The way I see it is Golden is some what of a lottery ticket type player if he can make it to AA next year and produce then his value jumps big time.  Even if he just carries over what he did in A ball to Advanced A his value jumps a good amount.  But until then there certainly are question marks.  But with the type of upside he could have what do you have to lose using a bottom roster spot on in a deeper keeper / dynasty league?

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  14. 21 hours ago, brockpapersizer said:


    The number of players who have done well in the majors when they've had a minors season with a  34% K rate in a significant sample size iisn't good.  I did look at Tommy Pham , funny enough he is one of them as he had a 36% one year.... in 2008. Jesus. 10 years ago.  It way less PA than Glden last year and Pham was 3 years younger at the time, and then it still took him NINE years before he became fantasy relevant.  I also don't think Pavin Smith and Mckay are future fantasy hitting stars.


    I wont say 0% chance on anyone, Golden could overcome the odds (even though I know nothing about him other than whats on his default fangraphs page), but it's a real long shot, even by prospect longshot standards. I'm guessing theres probably at least 500 guys I'd rather have.


    A few things.  I am not saying McKay or Pavin Smith are going to be fantasy hitting stars (McKay looks like the writing is on the wall and will be a pitcher).  I'm just pointing out that Golden isn't as far off as the "elite" players out of that same draft.


    A few things to further a somewhat comp of Tommy Pham.  Pham never had the type of power Casey Golden is showing.  Which we all know has a much higher fantasy ceiling than say speedy lead off guy.  


    A lot of people passed on the likes of Brandon Lowe cause he was "too old" as well.  Bregman, Benitendi, Happ they all have already shown fantasy relevance... Lowe is just starting to.   Hell J.D. Martinez got out right cut and shortly after becomes a top 10 hitter.  A lot can change very quickly in this game.


    Also look at how much more talent is in the minor leagues now compared to 10 years ago.  Every year the minor league level gets drastically better.  


    Again I'm not saying the concerns aren't warranted with his age and K%.  But I also have a hard time believing there's 500 prospects better than Golden.  Baseball has evolved into a different type of a game.  Yes more guys strikeout now.  Yes guys can maintain fantasy relevance with high K%.  Not ideal by any means but it can happen and it will happen more and more as we continue through this era of elevation and power hitting.

  15. 7 hours ago, brockpapersizer said:

    I think it's pretty safe to pass on a 24 year old Rookie in A ball with a 34% k rate. 


    Casey Golden turned 24 after the season.  So he was 23 last year.  He was a 4 year college player drafted in the same draft class as Brendan McKay, Keston Hiura, Pavin Smith.


    McKay and Smith finished 2018 in Advanced A so only one level above.  Keston played the first 1/3 of the season in Advanced A and then finished out in AA.  So if Golden is in Double A before the season's half over he won't be far behind the elite "players" of his draft.  Albeit he is a year older than they are.


    So while he doesn't have the most desirable pedigree / path to the majors and I understand there being tempered expectations because of this.  But I also wouldn't ignore how dominant he was in A ball last year.  His 34.35K% is something to watch with him especially since his walk rate is only 7.25%.  But he could jump past a lot of prospects if he has another big season.  Could be a Tommy Pham like late bloomer.

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  16. On 10/6/2018 at 6:59 PM, NoHablaIngles said:

    Is this guy on track to get called up next year? I know there are alot of variables (health, performance etc) but i hope the jays dont do what they did to Vlad happen to Bo


    Yes we should see some Bo next year at the major league level. He is a huge talent, 

  17. 6 minutes ago, Mickey Donovan said:


    Well, it's always a risk to trade top end talent for a quantity of lesser players. 1) you are mortgaging the future for now  2) Nothing guarantees you a championship, especially in H2H. 


    If the losing team has assets wouldn't they be stupid not to try and trade them when they are out of it? This 11th place team has 3 high end closers who are worthless to him. He would be a fool for not trading those guys for a possible keeper. 




    Yeah but does it make sense for them to make a trade that is so out of line with reality solely based on the fact that they are out of it?  There is 0 risk for the bottom team and trading should trade and share risk.  Just because you are out of it you shouldn't be able to give away your entire team for 1 guy catapulting a player from 5th place to 1st. 


    Also they said this is a roto league which it is so much easier to project the standings in roto.


    Where I think the problem lies is the OP is saying he could have gotten those guys for less than he paid for but he wanted to over pay his buddy.  It seems to be the same 2 teams out of it trading to the same 2 teams who are now in it because of those trades and that isn't a situation that should be allowed.  Ever.  Keepers or not.


    Now if every team out of it was just giving away their players for keepers then sure but from what I have read it seems to be the same 2 teams who are out of it working with the same 2 competing teams.

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