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  1. Yeah but value to a losing team and value to the rest of the league shouldn't be so out of whack. These trades are essentially letting the winner of the league be whoever gets to the lopsided trade first.
  2. Maybe he's not sure about Syndergaard's return or arm health in general. But for just Darvish I think 99% of people would rather just get Syndergaard in the 19th next year for just Darvish rather than give up all that for Altuve in the 8th.
  3. So he gave up the world to get Cano then used him later as a part of another trade? Seems very fishy it isn't like Cano is hurt or way out of line from the norm. I know father time is catching up but if you paid that much for him less than 2 months ago I'm not sure how his value just all of a sudden disappears.
  4. Yeah but just because you're out of it one player shouldn't all of a sudden be worth all those top 60 players. That is just going to throw everything out of wack. It is basically letting last place teams decide the fate of the league and you can't have that.
  5. WOW what a complete bust!! This guy is literally on pace to hit 0 HRs for the season!! He's a must drop I can't believe the hype in this forum wow!!
  6. I'm in an ultra competitive H2H points dynasty league. The scoring format tends to unearth many roto or 5x5 sleepers as it rewards good plate discipline doubles triples etc. It rewards you for hitting for a high average while takes away some points for hitting for a low average. Very complex and considers just about everything. In this scoring format Healy out scored Manny Machado on a per PA basis last season. There are maybe 10 hitters who were better on a per PA basis in this league format. Healy is one of my favorite sleepers I've been sure to get him in ever
  7. Having a really nice spring and he's cheaper than ever... Puig could have some good value this year.
  8. Been trying to move him the last 2 seasons in a deep dynasty league but no one has been biting. Was basically trying to give him away as a throw in on some deals to put them over the top but no one liked him.... Could be a blessing in disguise.
  9. It'll be too late by then. Mitch is going to be huge this year.
  10. Coming off of a terrible season looking like he'll be on the short end of a platoon. He does have upside to him. But I'd temper my investment as he can be had for peanuts. He could be a solid last pick of the draft target.
  11. But why make it at least 5 SBs? What's the list just for guys with 40%+ hard hit rate and less than 30% O-Swing in general?
  12. Yeah but what does the Green Monster have to do with a LHP vs a RHP? I get it if you're talking a right handed hitter vs a left handed hitter.... But for pitchers?
  13. Okay you're totally joking right? Or is this some obscure stat floating around out there lol
  14. Your scenario has one flaw and that is the bigger picture will not come into play this season. To go through that many guys in the number of weeks between now and the end of the season just won't pan out. You also need to take into consideration that Beanie will potentially come back as well. I like the potato too, but I'm just not seeing it...but, I'm also not jumping ship quite yet. I am sensing some sarcasm in his post. But honestly, if LSH isn't the "hot hand" next game I could see The Cards quickly going to Powell.
  15. Good information, while I watched a lot of the game, I missed the play in which Kolb got hurt. Explains a lot and also explains why LSH will most likely continue to see a lot of snaps, specifically on passing (3rd/2 minute) downs.... I don't think the coaching staff doesn't trust him for one mistake. He may have been in the dog house that game. But I honestly couldn't see LaRod getting any more than 1/3 of the carries and even less of the overall RB touches next week. The Cardinals need to put the ball in Powell's hands, he has big play ability.
  16. No one was worried about Ryan Williams being injury prone. Powell got injured in college his senior year and a concussion last game. Honestly a few players a game get concussions, they just have more sense than to say something about it. If Arizona gives Powell 15 carries, I'm sure they'll end up wanting to get him 20+ carries. He is by far the most dynamic back on the team. That includes a healthy Beanie Wells.
  17. I am looking forward to seeing if he can break out against Buffalo. Both him and Ryan Williams suffered concussions? Luckily it was on a Thursday game.
  18. With getting a majority of his 14 carries in the 2nd half he will rush for 92 yards and a TD. Dream big baby!!
  19. Either way, this thread is gonna go berserk tomorrow. There's no middle ground... You said it brother. Here we go Powell, do your thing today!!
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