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  1. I would go Ryan, weather may be questionable but shouldn't be that bad tonight.
  2. Posted this in another thread, but who would you start...Lamar Jackson vs the Steelers or Bridgewater vs the Falcons tonight? I'm 2-5 and playing the highest scoring team in the league.
  3. In a similar predicament, picked up Bridgewater for Lamar Jackson's bye week and would have normally dropped him but his matchup was too good to not consider starting. I wish I could help with this advice but I am trying to work through this too. If I were in your spot I think I would lean towards Bridgewater just because Carolina will likely have to throw a lot to keep up with Atlanta, but Allen is probably the safer play. So if you have a winning record and don't need that boom game, i would roll with Allen.
  4. I get it, high ankle sprains can be nagging...but if he is healthy you will be set
  5. 1 official keeper, anyone drafted from the 3rd and beyond is eligible. You can keep a second player so long as it is a rookie and to do the rookie keeper there is a $50 fee.
  6. He is my brother in law so I know him very well...surprised he was willing to do a 2nd
  7. Cook to Chubb is a lateral move, OBJ to Evans is a slight upgrade, and Mattison to Bell is the wild card...Mattison's value is tied to Cooks health, and a healthy Bell can easily be an RB2 even with Gase as HC (but who knows how much longer that will be). I would take the trade
  8. I'm in 7 leagues (yes I am a degenerate)...If Julio, Brown, Johnson, Mostert, Akers, and Bell are healthy I think my team could still stay competitive and make a run without Diggs. But they still deal with injuries and continue to miss more time, I don't think Diggs will be able to make this team competitive. I have never tanked or given up on a season, especially in week 4, so this is a tough decision.
  9. As tempting as Thomas is, I would hold on to what you have. It's a 14 team league so you know the waiver wire is slim pickings. Allen is playing great. Locket is a solid WR2 and you may have struck gold with Robinson. The problem with this trade is the injury could be a lingering headache for you. He tweaks it again or has a setback, your solid WR group now becomes an issue. Get it if you do make the trade, but I don't think the risk is worth it.
  10. Alright need a think tank right now. In my main league I am 0-3, been dealing with injuries and bad luck in playing a top 3 scoring team the first 2 weeks and injuries killing me in week 3. Here is my roster:QB - Lamar JacksonRB - Joe Mixon, Mostert, Akers, Gore, Hyde, (Leveon Bell and Damien Harris on IR)WR - Julio Jones, Stefon Diggs, Diontae Johnson, AJ Brown, Darius Slayton, Curtis Samuel, Laviska Shenault, KJ Hamler, Randall CobbTE - Jimmy Graham Starting lineup positions are QB, RB, WR, WR, TE, W/R, W/R/T, DST, KThis is a keeper league where you keep the player in the round you draf
  11. Haven't looked at this in detail yet but definitely interested and may also get my brother to join. One quick question, how are the top 32 teams determined (I didn't see anything in the links, but may have missed it), is it top 4 from each division/league based off record? top 32 in PF?
  12. I would do it, you have McFadden who I think will end up being the main guy during Zekes suspension.
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