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  1. Anyone know why Willy Hernangomez stats arent posting in yahoo? Am I missing something? Thought I picked up the wrong Hernangomez at first
  2. This guy is one of the worst basketball players that has been given a largescale role that I've seen in a long time and potentially ever. I cant for the life of me fathom how a guy shooting 26% from the floor (career 36%) is permitted the opportunity be on a roster yet alone play 32 mins per game. It just defies logic. This dude belongs on waiver wires far far from any competitive Gms roster.
  3. Tos are usless in roto and should be assumed to be punted. I havent won or placed in a roto league where I was higher than a 3 in TOs in nearly 20 years of playing. Typically if you are 10/11/12 in Tos you will be poor in PTS, AST and sometimes even threes. You just wont be competitive more often than not. In punt TO rankings Schroeder is currenlty 7th round value. Thats likley 3/4 rounds better than where he was drafted (typically 10th or 11th round). Thats called value......
  4. Xmas hangover. Trae vs Ja Morant at 5pm! Harden back in action! Sign me up! Lets get it!
  5. https://www.thrillist.com/lifestyle/portland/why-portland-strip-clubs-are-the-best-in-america
  6. Ill take the over on 15ppg. Hes a lock to be the second leading scorer on this team imo
  7. Cant imagine that Hou game against POR will be played tomorrow with the information available at the moment.
  8. This guy should be a great back end cog for roto rosters in particular. In games where lebron rests, I could see him post averages in line with his best season in Atlanta.
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