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  1. Anyone trusting him tomorrow against the Brewers?
  2. How are people feeling about the Saints Defense this week against the Panthers. I know Cam's Shoulder has been bothering him but at the same time this is a division game and they're always hard to predict. Have on wavier's Bronco's vs Browns Cowboy's vs Colts
  3. What does everyone feel on starting him against the Braves tomorrow?
  4. Kela in for the save in Texas. Just struckout the first two batters. Looking pretty nasty tonight.
  5. Neris making it interesting yet again! About to walk the bases loaded
  6. Stratton showed me a lot this inning. I really thought the flood gates were about to open after the Cutchen error (dropped a fly ball right at him). But instead he put on the big boy pants and did work, Pretty impressive.
  7. What's everyone's thoughts on starting Mahle at home against the Cardinals tonight?
  8. I just saw an interesting stats line on the MLB channel ticker. They said Jake is 2-0 with a 0.47 ERA and 24 Strikeouts in his career against the Astros. Seeing this is swaying more to start him tonight.
  9. Think I'm going to sit Jake tonight against the Houston. Curious if anyone think he should be starting?
  10. Yes he did throw two innings but if I recall he only threw like 20 to 22 pitches in those two innings. This was why he was able to use Gsellman for a bit today.
  11. I'm in a points league and when I saw the ball hit to Munoz I was excited being I thought he had the Double play. Instead he muffs the ball, they pull Martinez and loose out on the Shutout. on the positive side Carlos looked much better today then opening day. Great now I have to worry if I'm even going to get the win now smfh.
  12. WOW Toronto just stole home plate off of Betances and four for the inning, smfh.
  13. I'm watching and after that home run he has thrown mostly off speed stuff since. He looks like he has no confidence in the Fastball. And even when he trows the FB It looks a bit flat even at 97mph which was the speed he trew to Solarte when he hit the HR.
  14. Bret Gardner came in for McKinney who went in to the wall hard trying to catch a ball. He banged up his shoulder pretty bad.
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