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  1. That was a clear and obvious fumble and beautiful defense by the Bills and if you disagree please unfollow me
  2. He will, and should, be in most lineups this week. He's a weapon and they've realized that, and it's sort of a win-win whether Parker and/or Gesicki play or not.
  3. We're going to dog walk Denver, fire 'em up.
  4. next year i am legitimately not drafting a running back before round 14.
  5. hit list: @mrblonde1984 next: too_bad me and ito smith are coming for yall
  6. He never had that ball and that is 100% an interception, but I don't expect it to be changed retroactively. I don't remember a player ever being assigned a turnover in retrospect.
  7. I faded him everywhere and I live in Buffalo so don't feel too bad. This man is from another planet.
  8. the pitt running game is a** wtf, im going to sleep, got a long day of power bombing the bros through flaming tables tomorrow
  9. diggs is from another planet were going to the super bowl
  10. The weather here isn't going to be as bad as they say. It's supposed to be windy as hell early tomorrow and subside by the evening. Today is wet and mild with some more rain later. For Buffalo, this is practically summertime. Allen played at Wyoming. It's not going to be an issue.
  11. Allen is going to hang 3 touchdowns at minimum on Pittsburgh. Their linebackers are toast, their pass rush has been beat up and the WFT exposed weaknesses that the Bills will take advantage of. Don't bench Allen.
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