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  1. 1 hour ago, JJ1223 said:

    Actual skill as a football player?  Sure, the kid is very good.  For fantasy?  He's still a borderline flex guy at best.  And this is coming from someone who actively targeted him this year and want him on all my teams.

    Yes, real life. Not for fantasy. If he got 20+ touches a game he'd be in the same conversation as guys like Kamara and Elliott.

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  2. 1 hour ago, DerrickHenrysCleats said:


    I thought the Jags signed Schoebert, a top 5 fantasy LBer from Cleveland and drafted a 1st round LB/DL named Chaisson?

    Schobert is alright and I forgot they had a second 1st round pick this year. Lots of pieces to like in Jacksonville on both sides of the ball.

  3. Just now, mulhollandvelvet said:

    I just don't think you are getting anything back for him right now. I'll be really interested in seeing how the next couple games look. This was a weird game...or maybe Allen is just Lamar Jackson now. I didn't watch the game. 

    He is Lamar Jackson, minus some accuracy and plus a lot more fumbles.

  4. In games Buffalo projects to be ahead, sit him. Don't think about it next week. This competition really evened out as the off season went on. Moss didn't show a lot of running chops, but he's a rookie. Singletary still shows a lot of juice with the ball in his hands. The thing is, I don't think the staff wants to use him if not needed. They also dramatically shifted the offense to just let Josh run the whole show.

    I'd look at him as a matchup RB2 tbh, like Hunt in Cleveland.

  5. 2 minutes ago, joebaker23 said:

    You have to wonder if the Jags front office just hated seeing them win today. Hurts their chances instantly at Lawrence sweepstakes. However, I love Minshew's story and I think he has a strong desire to continue to prove he's the guy there. He has the swagger and X factor like you said.

    There is no doubt they hated it. They have set this kid up completely to have a hard time. Their defense has just about nobody outside of Myles Jack, Josh Allen and CJ Henderson who all have a lot to prove. It is wild that they wouldn't just see what they had, because if Minshew comes up and is good, then their competitive window opens significantly with a few more pieces on defense and someone dynamic in the backfield. They could conceivably compete in the South next year if he is good. He gave no indication last year that it was fkuly; kid went 6-6 with the same offense they had brought back before cutting Fournette. It sucks but hopefully he gets out of there and ends up in San Francisco with a good staff who can maximize his strengths.

  6. It's clear to anyone with eyes that watched him play last year that he has moxie and big time skills. He's just a little small. But they have a huge piece here for the future and it would be a shame if they ruined it because they went to get Lawrence. Honestly, let Minshew grow with these weapons they have, get a line and someone who can run the ball, and give the kid the keys for a few years. They would be dumb not to. You have 3 years to build around Minshew after 2020 at a palatable salary, let him grow and see what you have. He has the X factor it takes to make it in the NFL. 

    Shenault has the makings of an offensive weapon and, at worst, a great number 3 receiver. Chark has put nothing but great play up since he came back from injury. Cole, Westbrook, Eifert are situationally useful tools that are useful in a pinch. You have enough to at least compete most of the time with that when the defense keeps you around. How can you not see?

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