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  1. Got sniped like 3x this round Robby Anderson, WR CAR @ToO_BaD
  2. this just in, rich obnoxious guys love coke, archaic office culture and short skirts hurtful story but not surprised tbh, snyder is a clown show
  3. Yeah it's just my general team building strategy thoughts.
  4. I feel like when you combine a guaranteed floor like Crowder with two guys who could be great values (realistically only need one of them to produce as an RB2) combined with the WRs I have, I think it's really hard to lose when you get the 2nd TD from either one of them. I group guys like Crowder in with RBs tbh because that is effectively what they are. I don't think all WRs are created alike as far as fantasy goes. I feel a lot better about the squad now with effectively a guaranteed point total. Stabilizing the floor point total of the team seemed like a great idea to me. But sometimes I th
  5. Crowder is basically my RB2. Does anyone agree with my logic?
  6. I'm cool with him working into the role as the year goes on, and also don't believe you draft an RB in the 3rd round with Tom Brady if you're satisfied with the incumbent. It'll be worth the risk IMO.
  7. lindsay wasnt going to get past me so nicely done
  8. I wanted Akers but, you know. Guice is young and a year removed from ACL and he looked awesome at the end of last year. When I go no-RB I love dart throws like him.
  9. Not at all. Tyrod's refusal to take shots, both physically and down the field, combined with his almost non-existent IQ about what needs to happen to get a first down and his cautiousness to a fault are not ways to win in the NFL. The Bills had a really nice line in front of Tyrod for most of his tenure in Buffalo. I am afraid for him in LA because he is going to have to get the ball out very fast or take off. You also have to really look at situational statistics when comparing these two: third down passing, passing when trailing vs. when leading, comeback potential, those sorts of things tel
  10. Rob Gronkowski, TE TB also ffc tyrod is awful. you'll be upset. he's legitimately bad and allen will suffer because of it.
  11. solid pick, all reports indicate he makes out with his o-linemen a **** ton
  12. any interest in a discord server? we can talk trades and maybe watch games together or just share memes and stuff
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