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  1. 1 minute ago, mrblonde1984 said:

    I still don't understand how the IR spot can be abused. You can't just add an RB handcuff to the IR spot without that player having a designation. Common practice seems to be drop your kicker, add player you want, drop player once they don't do anything, pick up kicker. Has nothing to do with the IR spot. And again, we can all use this tactic if we want. I don't see it as an advantage for anyone.

    stop making sense blondie

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  2. 5 minutes ago, mrblonde1984 said:


    I agree that if your studs produce and your later round picks score TDs it's hard to lose. But where I don't follow is how that scenario is exclusive to your team. Can't we say that about everyone's team?

    Yeah it's just my general team building strategy thoughts.

  3. 13 minutes ago, CyberneticGhostOfXMasPast said:


    I (think) I get where you're coming from ... you tend to have to sacrifice a spot in this league due to depth / multiple flex spots ... Crowder is a perfect flex in this league. A boring 10 points a week with the occasional TD ... but your RBs are still Guice and Vaughn

    Now that Preston Williams fell to me, I'm glad I locked up Jordan Howard earlier. Its typically best to start 3-4WR though ... especially guys like Crowder 

    I feel like when you combine a guaranteed floor like Crowder with two guys who could be great values (realistically only need one of them to produce as an RB2) combined with the WRs I have, I think it's really hard to lose when you get the 2nd TD from either one of them. I group guys like Crowder in with RBs tbh because that is effectively what they are. I don't think all WRs are created alike as far as fantasy goes. I feel a lot better about the squad now with effectively a guaranteed point total. Stabilizing the floor point total of the team seemed like a great idea to me. But sometimes I think my logic is a little weird and doesn't make sense so that's why I put it out here.

  4. 1 minute ago, 1972Miamidolphins said:

    Was thinking about his upside, but if he blows up one pass pro assignment, brady will bench all year, hes only had zoom meetings so far tonlearn pass pro

    I'm cool with him working into the role as the year goes on, and also don't believe you draft an RB in the 3rd round with Tom Brady if you're satisfied with the incumbent. It'll be worth the risk IMO.

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  5. Just now, mrblonde1984 said:


    Nice pick. If he can stay healthy I have no doubt he will outproduce his ADP by quite a bit.

    I wanted Akers but, you know.

    Guice is young and a year removed from ACL and he looked awesome at the end of last year. When I go no-RB I love dart throws like him.

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  6. 10 hours ago, FFCollusion said:


    Interesting... I'm curious, as a Bills fan,  do you feel the same way about Josh Allen?

    Tyrod: First 2 seasons with the Bills, 29 games.
    817 attempts, 512 completions, 62.6% Completion Rate, 12 INT, 6,058 Passing Yards + 199 Rushes for 1148 yards and 47 total TDs.

    Allen: First 2 seasons with the Bills, 28 games.
    781 attempts, 440 completions, 56.3% Completion Rate, 21 INT, 5,163 Passing Yards + 198 Rushed for 1141 yards and 47 total TDs.


    Not at all. Tyrod's refusal to take shots, both physically and down the field, combined with his almost non-existent IQ about what needs to happen to get a first down and his cautiousness to a fault are not ways to win in the NFL. The Bills had a really nice line in front of Tyrod for most of his tenure in Buffalo. I am afraid for him in LA because he is going to have to get the ball out very fast or take off. You also have to really look at situational statistics when comparing these two: third down passing, passing when trailing vs. when leading, comeback potential, those sorts of things tell the story more so than just comparing the statistics like that. Tyrod offers nothing on third down when compared to Allen, and I actually am not the biggest Allen guy because I believe accuracy cannot be learned in the NFL. But Josh's moxie is undeniable. Tyrod looks like he doesn't even care 90% of the time. Tyrod actually limits the upside of the entire offense wherever he is because of how he goes into his shell when games are close or when he is losing. When winning, the upside of teams is still limited because all he does is manage games with little dink and dunk passes. His career depth of target is not promising for fantasy purposes. Tyrod is a meme for people who think they know football but they don't. He is the ultimate box score litmus test. Watch what happens when LA is losing games in the first few weeks of the season. The offense will tank.

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