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  1. Easier to do that or to add a guy with FAAB than to place your bets on a boom/bust WR throw every week IMO. Having that established floor and guaranteed time on the field from some of the league's WR1s is what makes no-RB the best strategy in my head this year. Seems a lot easier for a WR to get up to speed this year than an RB who is going to very likely miss a lot of what a normal camp/pre-season would look like (as far as contact/getting into game shape goes.)
  2. My team is stacked. Strategy seems very important this year. So many viable RBs due to the nature of this season (at least how I am speculating) and honestly I'd take my 4 players against anything built so far. 8 was a great spot and I can't see the rest of the draft going too poorly for me.
  3. Easiest SoS for WRs this year and I think he is QB proof. And I don't qualify Bortles as a QB.
  4. I'm in buffalo but I dont sleep so its cool
  5. true it's fair to respond, but these debates never ever end in one party saying "oh, you know what? you're right. i see it now." it just goes back and forth infinitely until the thread dies. so someone involved has to just take the high road.
  6. please take it to PMs boys, we are all tired of the politics behind it
  7. it is my mindset that this year will see a ton more 2-3 rb committees due to the offseason being hyper-abbreviated with a higher injury risk so i'm just probably not taking any rbs
  8. how tf can yall let me get adams and hop
  9. The clickydraft isn't updated but I will take DeAndre Hopkins if he is available.
  10. With the 8th overall pick in the 2020 Mock Real Draft, Br0kenB selects Davante Adams, WR for the Green Bay Packers. [ Adams may lead the league in targets when this season is all said and done. There are very few other imposing weapons on Green Bay and Rodgers trust Adams. He's a lock for 160-plus targets if he can stay healthy and 10 touchdowns isn't out of the realm of possibilities. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Adams finished the season as the No. 1 fantasy WR.
  11. Let me get caught up here, one minute. @ToO_BaD is OTC after me.
  12. 10 years 400 million is my guess with like 250 guaranteed over the life of the deal.
  13. This is my only league this year, looking forward to it. You guys are alright. Are we on for the 11th?
  14. Brandon Aiyuk has entered the chat
  15. I actually think he didn't really get a fair shake most of his stops. He wasn't bad in Tampa early in his career. I remember he took them into Seattle when they were good and gave them a run for their money, maybe even won that game.
  16. drew brees is cancelled qb1 this season tho
  17. TE1 2020 and I see no reason to not select him after the first 6 at every position or so have left the board; arguably before a few top RBs. Position scarcity makes this man an auto advantage to have on your squad. I'd take him early R2 to pair with a guy like Hop, Thomas, Godwin in R1.
  18. This man has been a bonafide WR1 with Bortles and Trubisky throwing him the ball. I think he can easily be a Top 8 WR if Foles wins the job and stays healthy. He'd certainly be far better than anything he's had to work with at QB. He is a huge value at current ADP because everyone is so afraid of the Bears QB room and offense overall... not that I blame them.
  19. My favorite group of dudes. Let's go! It would be cool to do a round or two on Zoom or Discord or something, foster a little togetherness. Or maybe not, just an idea. Anyway, I'm in.
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