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  1. Can someone link me to the Alphonso Smith thread please?
  2. No, actually it's leg drive and lower body strength and coordination.
  3. He's been working his a** off his whole life for this moment. Miami shuts down Ryan Williams and Powell comes in plays with an overwhelming amount of heart and breaks a huge TD run. Heart doesn't break tackles and outrun DBs, but we will see. You can listen to coaches or read reports all you want... but actions are what matter. Powell hasn't touched a ball during a regular season game in his entire career in the NFL. That alone speaks volumes. But we will see. If he gets shut down I have no other comments and you guys just say that Miami is a good rush defense and he will get another cra
  4. Don't give me that, the best players are going to get in the game, end of story. Talent doesn't ride pine, especially at RB in a ball control offense. There's nothing left to be said except we just have to wait and see. EDIT: zzzzzz don't care about college stats of an undrafted player. He touched the ball 44 times... in college. Good job having an "unheard of" ratio but only 44 touches is a lot more telling than such a low touchdown:touch ratio. Clearly there was a reason for such limited play.
  5. You mean like Ryan Williams? The guy who hadn't carried a football in a regular season game until three weeks ago? Who fumbled in his very first game, and then fumbled again in the next game? Who averaged 1.1 and 1.3 YPC during those two games? Who has yet to do anything significant? Let's be honest, with Beanie out of the way now, William Powell is already the second string RB for Arizona. 23 carries in college for 4 TDs. Along with 21 kick returns for 1 TD. That's a total of touching the ball 44 times for 5 TDs. He ended up getting injured his senior year otherwise he may have s
  6. Seriously dude... it's one thing to make this sort of thread for a kicker, but to do it for an actual player really degrades the already poor reputation of this board.
  7. In the case of a player who has never carried a football in a regular season game, I'm inclined to think that he isn't going to go from 4th string RB to fantasy football sensation in a week. For every 1 Foster, there are 10 (insert your favorite sleeper RB from years past here). And I will admit I have a soft spot for staches, having never been able to grow one myself. EDIT: How do you know he has big play ability in the NFL?!?! Stop making stupid unfounded claims, he has NEVER had a regular season game carry! That is literally like saying you or I have big play ability based on how we playe
  8. Didn't your English teachers ever go over context clues with you? Robrain asked me a question and my post in response was immediately after. I'd love to personally attack you to solidify my argument (as per the Rotoworld.com code of credibility) but I'll let it die right here. Also, how does one "think" a player is going to break a big touchdown run? Never understood this type of thinking. Yes, I think Percy Harvin is going to have a good game tomorrow, but I do not nor have I ever thought a player was going to cash in on a fluky play week in and week out. Seems like you guys are trying to fo
  9. I'm pretty obviously talking about Ryan Williams.
  10. He looked good last week and he has always looked good. Things aren't going to change overnight. Over the course of a few weeks to months maybe, but he's going to get a ton of run to the point that Powell isn't going to have any immediate value tomorrow.
  11. One thing entirely lost in this abomination of a thread is that Ryan Williams is still the starting RB for Arizona.
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