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  1. I love his weapons and I've been watching a lot of game tape on him (what's available, that is.) I really am beginning to believe in the talent. He is pretty good with turnovers but fumbled need work. The weapons he has around him seem very underrated to me. And I love the division he plays in. 

  2. I think he is a very, very good player that will be a top-end RB2. Every indication I get from Vegas is that they don't want him to be a volume guy.


    Also: THIS is how you make a 2020 Outlook thread. Would dap up IRL.

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  3. You can turn the ball over with more than an INT. I like the kid but his ball security is a huge net negative. He fumbles a lot and is really unaware of how to protect the ball when he is doing Allen things.

    Comparing him to Jameis is not relevant because Jameis is an awful QB and couldn't hold Allen's jock.

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  4. 20 minutes ago, fletch44 said:

    I'd rather watch an NFL game with no fans than watch no game at all.

    As a UFC fan I've kinda liked the crowdless fights. The shots are louder and you can hear some things the corner is communicating to their fighters. Not saying I prefer it but it's a different wrinkle. I wonder if you'd get something similar with crowdless NFL games, louder hits, hearing players communicating and trash talk, etc. Something different for one year might not be a bad thing.

    i'd be interested in watching like UFC. the last ufc event was amazing, loved it. i don't wanna hear artificial noise or Joe Buck running his pandering yap. it would be cool to hear the players. i hope they take that route.

    7 minutes ago, The G Man said:

    First off, 28, single, and no girl kinda answers your own question.

    Get out there and start dating brother! :D

    god no, i enjoy having a lot of money and no responsibilities except for a job. this pandemic has just thrown a monkey wrench in my usual fall plans of wake up > workout > football until sleep.

  5. He just hasn't really learned how to tailor his traits for the NFL yet. You can be that reckless in college when you're built like him. Can't do it in the NFL. He has a lot of moxie, but it needs to be molded. Without an off season this year, I'm not so confident it happens.


    go bills

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  6. im not really interested in waching if there are no fans and piped in noise, anyone else feel similar? fall sundays open as hell if thats the case. wtf will i do? im single and 28, no girl to force me to go apple picking or baking or whatever lame **** some dudes get forced into in fall. im freaking out with all this free time brodies.

  7. 12-4 and 3rd seed in the AFC this year if Allen takes even a small step forward; 10-6 and a Wild Card if he does not.

    Brown will have more receiving yards than Diggs. Dawson Knox becomes a low-end TE1.

    60/40 touch split between Singletary and Moss.

    Allen overvalued on draft day.

    We beat any team not named Kansas City in the playoffs. So, ultimately, improvement but nothing crazy.

  8. Overvalued as hell. He was good last year as a 15th rounder obviously. His ADP right now is outrageous and you're banking on a step forward from a streaky player in a low passing volume offense. Avoid. I mean he is insanely talented, but too expensive.

  9. 17 hours ago, hoppychokes said:

    I like this as a landing spot for Moss. Whitt runs his running backs into the ground so he needs to share a backfield to produce per touch.


    @Br0kenB, what makes you say so definitively that Singletary is more versatile?

    I've seen him do everything necessary in the offense and truly understand how to get extra yards and how to maximize his opportunities. I have not seen that from Moss because we haven't had the opportunity to do so yet. McDermott has consistently gone with the sure thing in his time in Buffalo, and this will be no different. Singletary will play his same role as last year, with Moss doing the Gore work. So while Moss could have some value, Singletary is the guy in this backfield. He's too good at what he does to be denied that role. It's confirmed, after all. We've seen him do a lot with a smaller amount of touches.


    Also, Singletary's calling card in college was his broken tackle rate. It remained true in the pros. He has shown a really good ability to find soft spots in the defense and to sit in them. He plays faster than his documented speed. He understands the offense and how to get first downs. We don't know if Moss can do that yet, and this staff has always gone with what they know compared to the wild cards.

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  10. He will be a solid RB4 because I can see him snagging anywhere between 6-8 goal line touchdowns to preserve Allen a little bit, but Singletary is more talented and more versatile and he proved that he belongs in the starting role in just about every game he played last year. That said, I do believe Moss will have good value to the team on 3rd down. Yeldon is a non factor.

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