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  1. I think he will be pretty good. He has a very strong supporting cast, a revamped offensive line, and he seems like a really hard worker with some natural arm talent. Out of the gate, I think he will struggle, but I do think that the Chargers have their guy for the next 10 years with Herbert.

  2. 1 - CIN Joe Burrow, QB LSU

    2 - WSH Chase Young, DE OSU

    3 - DET Jeff Okudah, CB OSU

    4 - NYG Tristan Wirfs, OT IOWA

    5 - MIA Tua Tagovailoa, QB ALA

    6 - LAC Justin Herbert, QB ORE

    7 - CAR Derrick Brown, DT AUB

    8 - ARI Andrew Thomas, OT GA

    9 - JAC CJ Henderson, CB FLA

    10 - CLE Isaiah Simmons, LB CLEM

    If there are no trades, this is what I expect.

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  3. 4 hours ago, BMcP said:

    I don’t know, but I think there’s a good chance you’re affiliated with one of Sanford’s sons.

    Following the team for my entire existence and also remembering that this coaching staff has given Mike Tolbert and Frank Gore meaningful carries while they occupied backfields with supremely talented running backs.

  4. 4 hours ago, joebaker23 said:

    Am I overreacting by thinking we won't have a football season this year? Just hard to imagine anything happening without a vaccine. Any thoughts?

    There is no way we will have a football season this year without a vaccine for this virus. Which is not possible within the rest of the year.

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  5. 23 hours ago, Impreza178 said:

    Gonna be one to watch.   Allen’s accuracy is a major sore spot for this entire offense.    Diggs isn’t known for being patient either.   But...Allen does a lot of other things well and this is the year to get New England.   I just can’t pick Buffalo to go anywhere in the postseason until Allen shows he can function in the passing game as well as read-option/ short deceptive plays.   


    Prediction: AFC east champs,  first round exit 

    We have identical takes on him.

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  6. I think we are 100% adding a RB in the draft. Look at some of the backfield decisions this regime has made throughout their history. They gave Mike Tolbert meaningful touches before. They are going to add 1-2 guys before we get to training camp, if it happens. I'd take Singletary in the mid-3rd. I think he is actually an incredible talent. He plays like he is a smaller Alvin Kamara.

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  7. 2 hours ago, duke of queens said:

    In NYC and I have yet to order a pizza or any other takeout. I am going through withdrawal.

    Make sure it's got good flop. One bite, everyone knows the rules.

    2 hours ago, MrBrown said:

    I bet.. hang in there and stay safe.  I just tried to get some Chinese but tried like 10 places and all are closed.  Many of them with answering machines saying they're closed due to COVID19.

    Come upstate. We got what you need, playa.

    8 minutes ago, Willsea33 said:

    Everywhere I look all I see is "Coronavirus" news, and for good reason. I am not trying to downplay this virus, but it is disappointing to come onto these forums and see more of the same, where I thought I could get away from all the news and media and look at some fantasy baseball. The player threads on here are hardly getting any posts and this forum has turned into a coronavirus discussion. 

    sorry bro let me go ahead and talk about the outlook for players during a season that isnt actually going to happen.

    Come on, man. We are all here because we have similar interests and are, presumably. similar people. A lot of us are locked down in our houses and don't have regular contact with those people similar to us that we know well, AKA our friends. What do you expect? I appreciate all of the COVID discussions here because it is a good way to learn about how other people in my demographic view this entire unprecedented event. Oh, and also, sports isn't actually happening right now. And it's very likely it won't be anytime this year. What do you want from us during a time like this?

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  8. lmao there is no way there will be baseball in May under those conditions. That seems really psychologically damaging for the players and the product is very likely to be awful anyway. Just let it go MLB. Nobody benefits from no fans, 115 degree baseball games in ST ballparks where players are separated from family during what will likely be the biggest pandemic of our collective lives.

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  9. 1 hour ago, SyNdicateZ said:

    If someone is in an aisle at a supermarket and Coughs, Sneezes or talks the droplets can "linger" in the air for a few minutes or so and once someone passes through that as same "Area" they basically breathe in the droplets and are now infected I was told. Which is why the USA needs a full LOCKDOWN of EVERYTHING for 2 weeks atleast. 

    Find out when they open, get there 10 minutes before that, and have a plan to get in and out as long as possible. Nobody who doesn't care about this massive pandemic will put the dedication required into shopping into that. Also, DO NOT go on days they restock. Specifically seek out the days they do not restock. Perhaps the day before. There are limits on key items for purchase anyway. Have a plan and follow it.


    Also, for God's sake, cancel the season so everyone understands how serious this is and follows the rules.


    Signed, a New Yorker.

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