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  1. - Jeff McNeil outperforms DJ LeMahiue in 5x5 (spelling?) - McKenzie Gore throws more innings for the Padres than does Musgrove - Mets finish in 3rd place in the NL East, behind Atlanta and MIAMI! - Luzardo's ERA never dips below 4.00 - Trevor Bauer finishes outside the top 20 in ML starters - Bregman and Altuve combine to hit only 25 homers and neither hits over .275 - toronto leads the majors in runs scored, but also in runs allowed, thus failing to make the playoffs - Judge and Stanton each miss 40+ games, again. - Eovaldi finishes top 3 in AL Cy Young
  2. well, to be fair, a monkey could have articulated it better than Snell did. He came across as a whiney little man-child, as an inarticulate simpleton, and as an ultra-greedy 'one-percenter', all in one fell-swoop. that's not an easy thing to accomplish.
  3. geez, this is killing me. I own him in leagues that count both BBs and OBP. And even in those he's been dead-weight. for the first time, I'm seriously considering dropping him. Since mid-2017, he's powerless.
  4. Votto is arguably my fav current MLB player; I've long been on his bandwagon and was an apologist last year, and this off-season. but his power outage extends to the start of the 2017 second half, during which he hit only 10 of '17's 36 homers. Since Post all-star break, 2017: PA 1,061 (simply ABs + BBs, not including any HBP or SFs) HR 25 RBI 105 he's basically needed almost two full seasons of PAs to reach what was once an annual milestone.
  5. in a 12-team yahoo league with 24 scoring cats, I was just offered JD Mart and Pivetta for Luis Castillo and Luzardo. It's a redraft league.....no guarantee that Luzardo provides much impact this year. Pitching matters in this league, but this is a no-brainer, right?!?!! WHIR!
  6. ughh. here we go. With Bellinger out of the lineup, you'd not think this is simply a day of rest (again). something must be wrong... oh, well. the injury risk was baked into his price....and this is to be expected with Justin.
  7. Skaggs was fantastic in the first half of '18......then injury hit. Smith has the great K rate but is a FB pitcher and the NL East has some solid Line-ups. In a 12 team, H2H, with 10 pitching cats, which SP would you prefer?
  8. Overall, a good start to the '19 season. I;ll take this.
  9. there's some great talent here. Ketel will likely provide the most stats across cats. McNeil might hit .310. He's legit. But what else does he give? Marte may very possibly provide this line: 95 runs 18 HR 65 RBI 22 SB .370 OBP .285 AVG
  10. solid. 8/10. I love Marquez, but as a #4 in a 12 teamer. it seem you're just a tad short on SP. But Scooter going in the last round?!?! Awesome! you're set to flip a bat for an SP if needed, in late July. You may be a 9/10, assuming you can grab a #2 type SP.
  11. agreed 100%. those draft positions are ridiculous. LOL
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