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  1. My gut feeling is Davis is going to have a great game today.
  2. My heart breaks. One of the greats once he figured it out. Great guy just hate to hear this. RIP Doc
  3. And Pete gets an extension really? I would rather watch paint dry than watch this poor excuse of Philadelphia Phillies baseball.
  4. I love some Lauren Shehadi! Those damn legs!
  5. To make matters worse there is no Heidi Watney on MLB tonight now I am really depressed.
  6. HA! No matter how many times I see the It's Happening gif I still laugh!
  7. What happened to all the ones complaining about his long swing?
  8. This one is on me guys. Just traded for him last week. I should have known better after he burnt me in 2015 with his 9-16 record.
  9. 3 out of the last 4 games 0 hits now batting Reed's batting avg is .227 . What is going on with our guy Reed?
  10. Guy was damned solid last year. If he can repeat those numbers he's a huge asset for a major league team. Doesn't matter how fat he is or what he looks like. 150+ innings of 4ish era is a massive help to a team trying to get back to the playoffs. He didn't strike out many Astros but that's no longer his style. He got about 5% swings and misses last year. That is laughably low. He just pumps his 2 seamer in there pitch after pitch and garners lots of weak contact. Somebody will get hurt, suck and/or traded. Straily's time is coming. But some of you need to take a step back from fantasy baseba
  11. How does this Shrek looking cheat take Straily's spot? Didn't Straily lead the minor leagues with 190 KO? Go with the upside than that fat Shrek looking retread.
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