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  1. I have the same inisght. He's not trash because he is trash. He's trash because he hasn't gotten that much opportunities since Dallas. He had an ok rookie year but failed to blend with Luka after. They clashed many times during that season. The Mavs saw that they had to give everything to Luka, so they shipped him out, not to mention they'll be getting Kristaps in return. From a fantasy perspective, DSJ can give us the production if he is given the minutes, no doubt it. I'm not going to expect too much but he has elite STLs potential and can give borderline PTS and AST. The only big
  2. How'd it look?? More minutes for McD at pos 4 but not sure if M Turner can take additional minutes with his injured hand. Hopefully, Goga can finally have some minutes. But it seems coach is really reluctant to give him some. When Turner was out, he didn't even got into the rotation
  3. Anyone watching this? Seems like something is going on hahaha.. all started with Ohio as midwest Where's Doug Christie?
  4. any medical insight here? is he missing time for long? that mass should be removed right? clear pickup should be Aaron Holiday and Doug McDermott as well? EDIT: Jeremy Lamb on his way back as well
  5. if I offer D-Lo for your Kyrie, will you guys take it?
  6. easy, I've done that before .. not shooting with the left hand, but using the selfie cam to make it look like I was shooting left
  7. I ran and picked up RoLo but there was a point last season where Mo Wagner was a hot pick-up. Also waiting for some oracle in here, or just closely monitor the minutes next game.
  8. Hell no. He'd still be inconsistent throughout the season. At the least, he should find that he'll get more opportunities when playing with Haliburton.
  9. This is what I'm talking about that he still has the offensive skills just not in the right system and coach. This the difference between a passing Point Guard in Tyrese and a scoring guard in D Fox. The bigs have noticeably been better with Haliburton.
  10. I would love to understand this, maybe Yahoo! did change their protocols. Can anyone verify?
  11. not sure if this is the proper forum to ask but is anyone interested in setting up a weekly podcast thing? I've been in rotoworld forums for more than a decade now and I still believe this is the premiere place for fantasy basketball insights and advice - and I never tell any of my friends of this site (lol) But I've been trying to setup an nba fantasy analytics website and there's just too much work to do. I need someone I can bounce thoughts with (and I thought this is the best place to find one) and produce some quality content for a podcast. I'm not saying we're going to be Josh
  12. I mistakenly dropped him in a 14-team league because of the underwhelming production with his minutes restriction. I thought he'll go irrelevant for another week or two. Sigh. Managing 7 leagues can get in your head sometimes.
  13. These were my thoughts as well. M Gasol and S Ibaka can stretch out the defense with their shooting. And they are more than capable passers as well. Norman Powell's game is outside shooting and dribble penetration. I feel that the paint is a little packed and that off the ball movement has become less because it gets stuck to playmakers such as Lowry and FVV.
  14. My question is why hasn't he cracked 30 mins the past 4 games? I see tons of minutes being given to DJJ at pos 5. Foul trouble? Conditioning?
  15. I still believe he has the offensive skills though, just not in the right system and coach.
  16. I have him in almost all of my leagues. This smug didn't play the entire week! What actually happened on his ankle? He was looking great in those games!
  17. so easy to say that now, but he got dropped after their 2nd game when he had 2 PTS 2 REB 5 AST dud. and it came from an owner who was punting AST. agree with the poise. I'd love to see him as a primary playmaker though and see how he blends with D Fox.
  18. It was R Holmes who made the pass but was a hockey assist from D Fox. I was quite surprised that L Walton brought him back in during crunch time ~5 mins left in Q4. A playmaker with an outside touch relegated to the corner seems just fitting for D Fox and B Hield. I actually changed my mind at the last minute and decided to use my waiver #1 on him in a 16-team league. While tonight's line is just borderline ok, I'm more encouraged with Luke Walton's confidence in him thus far.
  19. Is this a long term thing? Planning to drop AG in a 14-team league..
  20. Yep. I watched the entire game. He was merely a 4th option ball handler/playmaker when with Tatum, Brown and Smart. Given it was a blowout, I hoped that Stevens will unleash him a lot more to really see how he can help the team. But based on what I saw, he's merely going to be situational - cases when J Teague is playing bad. Therefore, he'll have his chances but he's going to be iconsistent.
  21. it's Dwayne Casey guys, under this !#$% coach, this kid would have to wait 2-3 years before he can do anything
  22. you guys expect him to play C against Embiid?
  23. what's up with B Hield's dwindling role? Luke Walton seems to butt head with him. I don't know, T Haliburton passes the eye test for playing good team basketball. He's already at ~28 mins, so the only thing that can shift which would lead to him producing more counting numbers is USAGE. Will I bet he'll get more usage with D Fox, B Hield, M Bagley, H Barnes around? I will be inclined to say no.
  24. I just watched the entire game vs the PHX Suns and here are some of my notes: player rotation - comes in the 2nd unit and he has good dynamics with Cory Joseph as both are pass first guards. - has good potential if he keeps playing pick and roll with M Bagley rather than with 2nd unit bigs in Whiteside and Bjelica. - when playing with D Fox and B Hield, he is more often relegated in the corner baseline. Meaning he gets the ball around 12 seconds or less, from strong side to weak side and off rotating defenders. He's really good making plays out of this, but I guess the next step is
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