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  1. Why would he need to turn into an elite level pitcher to get a better haul? And Darvish is 34 and with 3 years left on his deal at $59M. Taillon hasn't thrown a major league pitch since May 1, 2019. If he even pitches to career averages in the first half of 2021 I'd have to think he'd get a better return than these 4 prospects. And if you're the Pirates shouldn't you be shooting for upside? And in that sense, isn't Taillon a cheap way of cashing in for upside? Wouldn't Taillon have to pitch horribly to not net the same return in July as now? I'd take the chance that Taillon has som
  2. But did Dombrowski really give away all that much? Notable players traded away include Moncada, Kopech, Dubon, Margot, Shaw, Beeks, Espinoza. And Moncada & Kopech were in the Sale trade. He was definitely scorched earth and I think in most cases if a GM goes that route it ends up backfiring but in his case I don't think the farm would be any better if those trades weren't made.
  3. I had a different perspective. Taillon only cost $2.25M this year and under team control through 2022. At that price, isn't he a cheap roll of the dice to see what he is capable of while giving yourself a better chance to trade him later for something more than these 4 quantity-over-quality prospects?
  4. Hopefully by Rays 2.0 you mean combining the best of the Rays (developing & finding talent in trades) and Red Sox (having the $ to keep core players and not start all over again every 2-3 years)
  5. In my experience the amount of info you get from CBS Fantasy Baseball podcast for how long their podcasts are is very minimal and basic.
  6. I didn't have to look very far - the subject was plate discipline and these are stats easily found under plate discipline on fangraphs! When you're evaluating a player, why wouldn't you include things like 1) how often they swing and miss and 2) how often they swing at pitches outside the strike zone or 3) how often they make contact on pitches in the zone? It gives you a sense of how sustainable a performance is.
  7. Plate discipline is much more than OBP. In 2020 he walked 3% less than 2019 and had a 15.7% swinging strike rate (14th highest of 142 qualified hitters) and 34.3% outside swing% (37th highest). He also had 16th worst zone contact rate. He has power upside and could get you 5-10 steals and that's about it. The floor is extremely low.
  8. His plate discipline is extremely bad. Even if he's healthy I'll take the under on those HRs easily. He has that upside but I think the chances of him reaching that level is very low. I'd put him at .250 - 30 HR but not more than that.
  9. Guy in my league had Mahomes/Hill and traded for Kelce midseason. Went 11-2 and won it all.
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