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  1. I know there were scouts that had concerns with the stress Soroka puts on his shoulder with his delivery when he was still a prospect. Really hoping that prediction isn't coming true and he's able to have a healthy career because he's a great talent.
  2. Hiura & Yelich need to fix their strikeout issues. Otherwise this is likely to last.
  3. You can claim small sample size on a pitcher not allowing a run over 4.2 innings but when they've struck out 9 of the 14 batters they've faced it's more signal than noise. I believe Bill James calls this "signature significance". In other words, the performance is too good to be explained by just luck or randomness.
  4. We're not going to blame a liar? (Assuming it's true that he lied).
  5. I'm no scout but it seems like Burnes has 5 plus pitches (Cutter, Sinker, Slider, Change, Curve). With his cutter potentially being plus-plus.
  6. 1st, 3rd or both. I'm not really sure but it seems like the Yankees are going to have to get creative one way or another.
  7. Not going so smoothly defensively. If his defense continues like this, I could see a move back to second or a trade. Which given the depth of 2nd would be pretty great imo.
  8. If a 40 double, 25 HR, 15 SB player that had 189 hits in his age 22 season is boring then baseball will surely die. He's also a career .346/.377/.575 vs LHP as RHB over 441 PAs. But I assume you're whining over his .222/.250/.259 showing over *28 PAs* last season.
  9. "Slugged" .373 over 305 games in the minors. A stolen base every 10 games. Not really.
  10. Unbelievably annoyed with Justin Turner
  11. Doesn't pitch until Tuesday so maybe they figured they'd get him some work with 5 days still to go?
  12. What the hell was Turner thinking? It's like he didn't even react to seeing Bellinger or hearing Bellinger yell at him
  13. "The Tatis deal is not the norm" and "You need to overpay" conflict with each other.
  14. Yes, but it still seems they didn't need to give him *this* contract. This is an overpay compared to a better, younger Tatis.
  15. Uhhh..... yes I am aware? I mean what point are you making here?
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