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  1. Even if they do want Didi back, not offering the QO was the right move. If they want him back for something like 4/40, it's a lot harder to negotiate that contract if he's already holding 1/17.8. Paying Judge, Sanchez, Serverino, etc. could be a much different scenario after the new CBA and CBT rules. Since things are bound to get better for the players, it should get easier, not harder. Anything that is good for the players is also good for the Yankees.
  2. Regarding Hand's replacement after his trade to LA; I doubt they promote a guy right from AAA to Closer, but take a look at James Karinchak's K/9, ERA, and FIP numbers:
  3. Barring a contender's pen completely going to s---, I can't see Kimbrel signing before June at this point. Who is going to give him the money he wants AND sacrifice draft picks and possibly International money just to get an additional month of a guy who might not even be any good at this point?
  4. Updated based on subsequent posts and some of my own opinions: Yankees - Chapman Red Sox - Barnes/Brazier/Thornburg, I saw some Steven Wright talk also, Hembree used to be a "Closer of the Future", and what if Carson Smith is finally healthy? Point being, no one is established, so anyone could conceivably step up and take over, or no one could. (Yankee fan hoping for the latter.) Blue Jays - Giles Rays - Alvarado, Diego Castillo and Ryne Stanek are discussed as alternate possibilities, but I think it'll be Alvarado. Orioles - Givens Astros - Osuna Mar
  5. Yanks won 100 games last year, they went to Game 7 of the ALCS the year before. Both teams were good enough to go to the World Series, but anything can happen in a 5 or 7-game series. Play those series again 100 times and the Yankees win plenty of them. They didn't NEED to get any better than last year, but they have.
  6. Oddly, I've never actually listened to their podcast, I'm only in the the FB group.
  7. Are you aware of the associated Facebook group(s)? Also pretty informative.
  8. I think he needs to start complaining about some of those bad calls. He and Boone. Demand the umps start getting it right. ETA: He needs to stop being Mr. Nice Guy all of the time. When a guy his size starts yelling at you, you'll start to pay attention.
  9. I fully expect a Ewing Effect for the Nats after losing Harper.
  10. Not really no where, they were one of the three teams he visited last week. They came up from 3rd most likely, I would say. If it's the 6/$126M of Darvish, then the Phillies weren't really willing to do whatever it takes, as they should have expected to go at least that far.
  11. It's pretty clear Corbin wants to be a Yankee. So the question is if the Yanks are willing to get into a bidding war with the Phillies, and when they draw the line, will it be enough that he will forgo the overbid by the Phillies at that point?
  12. Swarzak maybe, but he's probably on his way out at some point too.
  13. I'd still like both, but if it's one or the other, I prefer Corbin. Much higher upside, and without Sheffield on the way anymore, they need some controllable arms.
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