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  1. Very few people took him above those listed besides maybe Cook and Jones. Look at 2018 Kareem Hunt pre getting cut.... High octane offense. Positive game script for RBs. Pretty easy to see the hype. Still on pace for 1700+ total yards... TDs will come. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. The only concern I have is the lack of creative play calling for him. A lot of hard I plays into a pile of dust. How are they not creating cut back plays, wheel routes and misdirections for him? Makes no sense to me. However the good news is most of the yards he gets is absolutely on his own. No help of his o-line and for damn sure no help with the play calling. I’m trying to buy him. He’s too good to waste away with generic plays. I think Reid will hopefully take the cuffs off soon. Otherwise what a waste of talent, even if he is the 3/4 option.
  3. In a H2H points league would you rather have Bellinger or Acuna ROS? WHIR.
  4. Ummm....sitting in upper 80’s and 1k. Color me concerned.
  5. Sorry to confuse you even more but I'd go Zeke, McCoy and Hunt. Zeke I feel is going to be a monster out to prove something. McCoy is all the Bills have and he is match-up proof IMO. Andy Reid finally pulled his head out of his a** and is using Hunt again. Guess what...the Chiefs are winning again. I hope he has figured that out and will ride Hunt again. Trying to guess which one of Kamara and Ingram will be the best is what keeps me from recommending either.
  6. I agree with this! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689455-bench-brees-for-foles/
  7. Absolutely roll with Zeke, Bell and Fournette of course if he is healthy. You got a good problem to have! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689455-bench-brees-for-foles/
  8. I feel Rivers will do everything he can to win. I would go him especially if Keenan Allen is GTG.
  9. I have both as well in a .5 ppr and I'm rolling with Kelce without hesitation. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689455-bench-brees-for-foles/
  10. So the 2 leagues I made the championship game in I have both Brees and Foles. I'm about a 5-10 point underdog in both match-ups due to losing Brown in both. Do I still play it safe with Brees and his seemingly pedestrian 225/2/1 line or roll the dice on Foles possibly going for 300/4 against the Raiders Monday night at home? WHIR! just leave link. Thanks in advance!
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