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  1. Hello, What site is this hosted on? And why the transaction fees instead of just a higher buy-in? I’ve never understood punishing ppl for being active
  2. I have filled the league. If someone cannot meet payment deadline or something else changes i will definitely let both of u know. Thanks!
  3. sent. Assuming Kyle joins up the league is filled but if someone wants to be an alternate let me know. Thanks
  4. Keith i sent an invite to your email which should let you look at the settings. Sorry im on a phone and it keeps sending me back to app so i cant figure out a better way to attach a link. It is fractional scoring and 4 pts for passing td compared to 6 for receiving/rushing td
  5. We have 1 opening for a 12 team 0.5 PPR Two QB league (1 spot is an offensive player) on ESPN. Buy-in is $50 made on leaguesafe by Monday 9/7. Draft is Wed 9/9 at 7:00 CT. Rosters QB, Super Flex (mostly a 2nd QB),RB, RB, WR, WR, Flex, TE, DST, K. 6 reserve spots. 1st-$350 2nd-$175 3rd-$75 If you haven’t played two QB leagues it really is a great option that we all enjoy. It's a snake draft and draft order will be randomized once the league is fully paid. If there are any other questions please let me know or leave me your email to join. First come fi
  6. We are now full. Thanks for taking the time to read. If you were interested leave your name and I will contact you if someone does not meet the payment deadline.
  7. This is a daily lineup set up, lock individually before game. I’m already in another nl only so I am not currently looking to join any others but we would love to have an experienced player fill our last spot if you are interested?
  8. Still needing to fill at least 1 spot! Season is coming up fast. Our draft is the 21st and the season starts on the 26th. Let’s fill this!
  9. Sent you a message and invite. Still looking for at least 1 more spot! Let's fill it
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