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  1. He has a drastically different value in full point PPR compared to non PPR.
  2. Flames RB1nson carried us here. Now we have to win it for him!
  3. But I am thinking about benching him for the first time all season.
  4. So wouldn't they as a team want to protect their future and get a deeper look at the depth on the roster? Meaning give Robinson less work and see what else they have in their other backs.
  5. Yeah I have strong bench options. But I think we should roll with our boy who has produced like a maniac all year. We have to right?
  6. Do we just keep starting him and hope it pays off in the playoffs?
  7. There is something to be appreciated about pitchers who while over matched are just damn good competitors and end up willing a productive at bat just because of how dang competitive they are.
  8. Let's hope. We have all been waiting for it.
  9. lol yeah right... No chance he even gets close to that.
  10. Nah roll with the upside... Cole is a going to be a fantastic TE he just needs consistent targets.
  11. Finally The Bears are going to commit to developing Cole... Behind Montgomery and AR he's probably the next best play maker on this team. Unleash The Kmet!
  12. It's 15 more jobs. It gives the NL teams more flexibility. It takes away the discussion of how these teams are built differently so it gives AL teams a competitive advantage in The World Series and throughout the playoffs. It'll extend more careers of beloved hitters. We won't have to see pitchers embarrass themselves (which there are a few who can actually hit but 95% of pitchers can't hit at all).
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