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  1. 52 minutes ago, owenmills said:

    I'm not going to spend to much time defending him but he hasn't been 'absolute a**'. He's been a major disappointment for his ADP but he's had plenty of double digit games. I made it to the championship with him in my lineup most of the year. You just never feel confident with him because you know the bust games are coming, and even his good games are never big blowup games. Obviously people would take that draft pick back but he hasn't been as useless as some obnoxious posters here would have you believe. 


    He has a drastically different value in full point PPR compared to non PPR.

  2. 1 hour ago, Flyman75 said:

    Yep, Glennon starting is management saying, “We have no desire or plan to win either of the final two games.” They’ll probably give Dare 20 carries, lol. 


    So wouldn't they as a team want to protect their future and get a deeper look at the depth on the roster?  Meaning give Robinson less work and see what else they have in their other backs.

  3. 7 hours ago, 89Topps said:

    FWIW, on the topic of the DH general, I've done a 180 on my opinion, then kind of done another 90 degree turn on it.

    I grew up thinking the DH was silly and pitchers should hit.  As I got more into the statistics of the game, and realized how truly horrific pitchers are at hitting, I came to appreciate the DH and personally hope it is adopted in the NL.

    However, having engaged in this argument enough, I realize there are still a lot of fans who want to watch pitchers hit. I don't get it, but who am I to tell someone what to enjoy about baseball? So, I say just leave it as is. Those who want to watch pitchers hit have 15 teams they can watch. Those who want to watch DHs, guess what? 15 teams with that too.



    There is something to be appreciated about pitchers who while over matched are just damn good competitors and end up willing a productive at bat just because of how dang competitive they are.

  4. 6 minutes ago, kyoun1e said:


    Any reason to think that Kmet is any worse than those on the TE merry go round of Hooper/Rudolph/Atkins/etc?

    Is this a real trend with Kmet and Graham? 

    The schedule is shaping up nicely for the passing game and offense in general down the stretch. Seems too good to be true for some stars to align right as the playoffs begin. Dropping Rudolph to hopefully get Kmet and see what happens. (So go pick up Rudolph).


    Nah roll with the upside... Cole is a going to be a fantastic TE he just needs consistent targets.

  5. 2 hours ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

    Owners want expanded playoffs in 2021 in return for the DH this year.  2022 it is a given here to stay of course.  Still up in the air for 2021 but with luck we won't have to wait one more year.  Owners are using the DH, which the Players Union 100% percent wants right now in 2021, to get those expanded playoffs.  Not a fan of expanded playoffs but I would certainly take that over the NL regressing back to the terrible caveman years of pitchers so-called "hitting" for 2021.  Owners may cave too.  A lot of NL clubs have already invested in line-ups that fit a DH into them.


    It's 15 more jobs.  It gives the NL teams more flexibility.  It takes away the discussion of how these teams are built differently so it gives AL teams a competitive advantage in The World Series and throughout the playoffs.  It'll extend more careers of beloved hitters.  We won't have to see pitchers embarrass themselves (which there are a few who can actually hit but 95% of pitchers can't hit at all).

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  6. On 12/7/2020 at 3:28 AM, sleepysock said:

    I thought I read the kid wasn't his? If it is then yeah that's another major psychological hurdle to overcome right before ST...

    cue Maury gif

    Anyway, I think he has the biggest gap between floor and ceiling of any pitcher in baseball. It's not unreasonable to think he could produce 140 IP of top 15 near-ace performance, driven mostly by Ks and Ws. Also not unreasonable to think he spends more time in AAA than in MLB, or more time in MLB as an RP rather than an SP.  With a possible (?) MLB record time to recover from TJS (kind of a silver lining) he will nonetheless have gone 2.5+ years between pitches on an MLB mound (opposite of silver lining). That is a damn long time. If he pitches 140 innings and is a starter throughout, it may take him one quarter of those innings, maybe more, to really dial **** in and get comfortable and shake that rust off.

    Also would not surprise me if he's the centerpiece in a trade for someone like Blake Snell, and at that point his value is hugely dependent on where he goes.



    Between TJ, his divorce, and opting last year out I think 140 MLB innings would be unlikely.  Even if everything broke right for him 140 may not be achievable for him in 2021.


    The White Sox just traded Dunning and said they are not done yet so Kopech could very well be traded this off season.

  7. 2 hours ago, Spyplane said:

    The Associated Press vote the ROY. Herbet is a top five pick, he's starting for a team in LA and he's talked about all the time in the MSM. 

    I like JR a lot but who's talking about him in the media? Its very telling about how the votes will play out.


    JRob doesn't get the limelight he deserves.  Undrafted in a small market losing team. 


    Also not that it changes the discussion any but Herbert was the 6th overall pick.


    So I'm not saying it isn't an uphill battle but what I am saying is that there's too much football left to just here are the awards with 5 games left.

  8. 5 hours ago, Spyplane said:

    Likely? Explain that for me. He's on pace to destroy almost all rookie passing records. He has Atlanta and Vegas on tap after a tough matchup this week. Then he closes with a likely shootout with KC. I see virtually no chance of JR getting ROY when considering how much more QB play is valued over rushing in the NFL voting.


    The league is adjusting and evolving every day.  Herbert is likely going to have at least 1 bad game if not 2 from here on out.  We will see though.  Closing the season against Denver and KC is not an easy task.  Atlanta's defense is much improved from where they started the season and Las Vegas has only been slightly an advantageous matchup for opposing QBs and WRs all season. 


    But if JRob keeps going off and Herbert falters some it makes it a very close race.  Yeah everyone's going to lean towards the QB as well as the high first round draft pick.  So Robinson not only will have to do very well but he would need Herbert to falter fairly hard at this point.


    But my entire point is Herbert has played 10 games and Robinson has played 11 games, both producing immensely.  But let's not crown one over the other with 5 games left on the schedule.  That's 50% of the game's Herbert has played already.

  9. On 12/1/2020 at 11:08 AM, PhilaFanBoy said:

    Yahoo has him projected for 7.73 fantasy points next week, as the 14th highest projected kicker. Sad. Gotta up bought up that up to at least 10. He hasn't scored under 12 since week 7.


    Must be a 1st quarter projection!!

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  10. 7 hours ago, SkinsChargersFan said:

    I love Robinson, but Herbert is the Rookie of the Year, end of discussion.


    It's still too close to call.... Herbert is in the lead being the QB, higher profile player, with the historic stats.  But is it by no means "end of discussion".  


    Let's see what happens.  Herbert could very well implode down the home stretch of the season.

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