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  1. That's really all we can do at this point. His passing numbers are trending in the right direction. He is on a team and in a system that any capable QB would put up points. There is a chance that Taysom only plays the first series or two of the game. But the most likely case scenario here is that Taysom Hill a dynamic play maker is going to get the most work load of his career. That is something I'd like to be apart of. Honestly I'm hoping Winston does play just enough so ESPN just leaves me with a 17 point per week TE.
  2. 11.4 yards per attempt. He has 4 completions (5 attempts) in 9 games so far this year averaging 17.2 yards an attempt. Plus he has an 11th completion in the post season last year. A 50 yard completion. If you count this year and that post season game he is 5/6 for 136 yards that's 22.7 yards a completion. Let alone factor in his 5.5 yards a carry this year and on his career (8.3 yards an attempt in 7 post season carriers). Hill has been one of the most effective players in a yards per touch basis. Yes it has been a very small and limited sample. But
  3. Most people in the Taysom Hill thread used a waiver on him if not this week last week... And that's kind of how it works you pick up players on speculation and when news breaks it breaks. You don't undo it because it's more favorably to another team. News breaking is always going to be more favorable to some teams and unfavorable to other teams.
  4. Honestly the most fair thing for ESPN to do at this point is reassess on a week to week basis. I think Taysom will have to be the TE1 by more than 50% for them to do anything about it and it may need to happen for multiple weeks. If Taysom only gets 35%-40% is he really better than a top 5 TE? Say Hill does score 20 points, is that really that unfair if Kelsey scores 16 and Waller 14? Or what if Gesicki or Geodert has a peak week of 28 to Taysom's 22? I don't think it's fair for any platform to take TE eligibility away until there are multiple weeks where he is clearly the TE
  5. Can you just post the trades all in a row. Was it 2 trades between them or 3?
  6. I'd just lock Taysom into the TE slot just in case, that's the work around them removing the eligibility. Flex the other TE.
  7. It could have just been a good faith agreement. I've done it and had it done for me in the past when a player gets injured that's a part of the trade. ...But it could also be collusion. Is Dalton not pretty close to valueless at this point? While Winston has a very high upside his value is limited while Taysom is the starter / Upon Brees' return. If anything I think Winston is the better QB to hold over Dalton even with Taysom being named starter. Pete (9th seed) and Cal (7th seed) are in direct competition for the last spot maybe 2 spots in the playoffs (dependin
  8. Just a thought. It would have been easier had you just named the players by their seed. The 6th seed,
  9. Oh snap you caught me off guard with a real commissioner's quandary...
  10. I see both sides here. Clearly I'm on the Taysom Hill TE bandwagon for my team's sake. But in the sake of fairness I get it, he's over powered. But so is CMC (until he gets injured) there's only 1 CMC, there's only 1 Alvin Kamara. Draft and FA adds need to be adjusted accordingly to the rules in the game. I saw Taysom Hill had TE eligibility to start the season I instantly realized what that could mean for him in terms of getting QB production out of that. The rest of the league should have been with that as well. Had this concern been brought up at the beginning of the sea
  11. Look I'm on your side with this for the most part. But you don't have to live up to your name and kill every thread by constantly repeating yourself in the most combative tone possible.
  12. Stop killing the thread literally. You want to keep repeating the same point take it into the commissioners thread.
  13. It's not a question of if it will happen. It's a question of to what degree will it happen. Lazard is going to for sure cut into Adam's production upon his return.
  14. Let's see how it shakes out. Both are better than where they were drafted but I don't think either one of them possesses huge upside.
  15. I mean that makes the most sense... you knocked a camera out of a camera man's hands and he didn't get it on tape? lol they just want the star power. But AB needs to chill out, I'm not sure how he wasn't on notice about 3 incidents ago??
  16. Well we don't know how things will go entirely Taysom starting doesn't mean he plays the entire game. I'd imagine even though Taysom is starting Winston will still get into the game at some point. He has a much higher upside long term I think Taysom at this point just has a stronger feel for the offense being there longer. Plus it'll force The Falcons to prepare totally different for this game.
  17. Yeah that's how I found out this morning that he got named QB lol. Oh wow why am I receiving a huge burst of texts all of a sudden? Did something bad happen? Oh wait no, something glorious just happened.
  18. Yep there's already been a storm a brewing in both my leagues over it.
  19. Lock him in and ride him out... Maybe if we don't move him out of our TE slot he'll just get to stay there?
  20. Yeah Lazard hit the waiver wire once in both my leagues... Instantly were scooped off of waivers and held onto ever since. Lazard will cut into Adams' value.
  21. Time to finally ring The Bell after waiting over half the season?
  22. While I do agree that John Brown not playing would increase Cole's value. Cole did have his biggest game of the season last week when John Brown also had 72 yards.
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