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  1. Is it just me or is it getting harder and harder to tell Cole Beasley apart from Cooper Kupp? They both are averaging 13.3 points per game in my full point PPR league.
  2. Rumor is Klay just suffered a season ending achillies tear...
  3. It isn't a great sign. But I think a lot of it had to do with Kupp's wrist / oblique injury. If Kupp is 100% he should be seeing more targets and making more receptions than last week.
  4. Last week the only ones who could stop our boy Flames RB1nson were the refs. He had two 20+ yard TD runs called back, I saw the second one and it was a ticky tacky hold on the other side of the play. It had absolutely no bearing on the outcome of the play. This week we will truly find out if our boy is matchup proof / injury report proof.
  5. LaMelo & Edwards are great prospects but Wiseman is 7'1" with a 7'6" wingspan you can't teach or develop that. Watch him dribble in games, he does not look like a 7 footer at all. This kid is going to be something else.
  6. If Klay misses time that will help his production a lot. If Klay doesn't miss much time Wiseman's scoring will likely be low but he will focus on rebounding and defense. I'm pretty sure in the next year or so it will be very obvious that Wiseman was the best player in the draft.
  7. Hey now Lavar can play Jordan in 1 on 1 since his kid is going to his organization.
  8. LaMelo Ball goes #3 as expected.... The Bulls are now on the clock.
  9. Bah GS took James Wiseman 2nd overall. Maybe The Bulls can still pull off a trade with them.
  10. The Clay Thompson injury may effect Golden State trading the pick here. Hopefully The Bulls can get the trade done.
  11. Anthony Edwards out of Georgia goes 1st to Minnesota. Dang they milked the clock hard.
  12. Minnesota on the clock... they're milking it down must be looking at final trade offers.
  13. He's already practicing so it hopefully isn't all that bad.
  14. Draft starts in less than 2 hours (8 PM EST). Below is a good pre draft article: https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/2020-nba-draft-rumors-bulls-eyeing-warriors-no-2-pick-via-trade-celtics-want-to-move-into-top-three/ All over Chicago radio the talking heads have been speculating that Golden State has released the trade offer from The Bulls as it is the best offer they've received and are considering it if nothing better comes through. I really wish The Bulls could just trade Lauri & the 4th to move up to the 2nd.
  15. I think the top 3 in this class are all going to be really good. Like when 2 of them play against each other the broadcast will always talk about this draft and how good it was. But yeah after the top 3 the talent really drops off in my eyes. There are a couple decent dice rolls coming over from Euro Leagues. A March Madness Tournament would have been huge to really determine how good some of these other guys are.
  16. Ahh. Well scratch what I said above for now lol.
  17. A few reasons why I am hoping they will play him more. Brees was expected to be out longer. Bridgewater has been viewed as injury prone up until that point as well (even though it was mostly one really bad injury). Taysom just signed a heck of a backup QB deal.
  18. A chart of where he lined up as in 2019.
  19. Cam is better than people give him credit for. The Patriots had a covid outbreak and didn't practice for basically two weeks. Cam rushed back from it as soon as he could 10 days and clearly had some ill effects still. This offense is really starting to take strides going forward. Jakobi has the upside to be a WR1 while Edelman is gone.
  20. ESPN and because he may get some QB work as well as RB work as well as WR work. Taysom Hill could be the most unfair player down the stretch if they don't take TE eligibility away from him.
  21. I feel it's pretty industry consensus that Winston is the most likely case scenario. But Sean Payton hasn't committed to one or the other yet. So either is still possible. They may have a real battle in practice to determine who the starter is.
  22. Until Edelman comes back he's an easy WR2. Even when Edelman comes back he may still produce around that fringe WR2 range.
  23. Jakobi's stock continues to rise quickly. Right now I have him in my lineup over JuJu & DeVante Parker.
  24. A lot of you guys are down on Fant and I get that as I've owned him all season in multiple leagues. But it's early in his career to really call him injury prone. Some years players just get a year where they are constantly banged up. Sometimes you come back too early from this and end up aggravating that now. Give him another offseason to better train his body and better understand the stress The NFL level of football puts on his body. There's a lot of upside here especially in the future. But outside of Taysom Hill there aren't any other TE's not named Kelce I'd rather roll the dice on
  25. Yeah, I think they will just let him play for the ratings. Then talk about a bunch of alleged stories about AB during the broadcast.
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