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  1. MVP Mitch would improve AR's value much more so than Superbowl Foles.
  2. If The Bears were an average offense they'd be in first place in The NFC North. While Foles is a part of the problem the biggest part of the problem is Ryan Pace then the offensive line which is a mess directly caused by Ryan Pace giving away draft picks like Halloween candy and never being able to identify good offensive talent ever. The Bears at this point need to say screw it and unleash Cole Kmet... I don't care if he doesn't fully know the playbook what good as that done this offense all year long? He's most likely the 3rd best offensive weapon on this team if not the 2nd be
  3. To me Jakobi has upped his stock more than just about any other fantasy player over the last 3 weeks. He is clearly a huge role in this offense just go watch the interviews with Cam Newton and see how he talks about this kid. The only draw back for Jakobi is that Edelman will be returning at some point, hopefully they take their time with his return after all it was knee surgery. Even that said I think Jakobi is still going to be a very productive player even after Edelman reenters the lineup. This kid will at the very least be a flex play if not a very good WR2 here on out.
  4. This undrafted poor athlete of a wideout over the last 4 weeks has averaged 16.75 points per week in non fractional full point PPR. Over his last 3 weeks: 19 points per week. If his TD pass was 1 more yard he would have gained 1 more point in this scoring system as well.
  5. Also his contract with The Bears now is 24 million over 3 years (21 mil guaranteed). Sure the Jags ate some of that money but The Bears are basically getting Foles for 6 million a year. Taysom Hill is making more money on an average annual value basis.
  6. Nick Foles was never paid as if he was a franchise QB. The Jags signed him to a 4 year 88 million dollar contract at the age of 30. Only 50 mil was guaranteed. If you want to see the price of a franchise QB go look at what Mahomes and Watson got. Watson pretty much got double that money during a covid season.
  7. NBA Nation's latest mock: 1. Wolves - LaMelo Ball 2. Warriors - Anthony Edwards 3. Hornets - James Wiseman 4. Bulls - Killian Hayes 5. Cavs - Obi Toppin 6. Hawks - Deni Avdija 7. Pistons - Tyrese Haliburton 8. Knicks - Kira Lewis Jr.
  8. Here's the article if anyone wanted to read it: https://www.deseret.com/2017/4/29/20611286/taysom-hill-s-latest-comeback-his-4-4-forty-time-underscores-his-resiliency-drive-says-trainer#byu-quarterback-taysom-hill-throws-during-pro-day-in-provo-on-friday-march-24-2017
  9. and consider he threw 5,100 yards pre lasik.
  10. No reason he shouldn't be able to. But know he will throw the ball down the field a lot more than Brees. Tre'Quan Smith may see some added value here.
  11. Yeah I hear it man. I've been a huge Wendell Carter Jr. fan but I think Wiseman in a year or two could be a premier super star in The NBA on The Bulls.
  12. A lot of my Bulls fans friends feel the same way... But again I'm super high on Wiseman. I wouldn't mind Ball or Edwards but there's a big drop off after that top 3.
  13. KAT is close but the other guys are not. AD could retire tomorrow and be a Hall of Famer.
  14. Had to go search for an article I read a couple years ago. But this is why Sean Peyton loves Taysom Hill. Taysom Hills combine stats: 4.44 second 40 time, 38.5 vertical jump, 10.2' broad jump. To put that in perspective, Stanford’s running back Christian McCaffrey, one of the best athletes in the 2017 draft, was taken No. 8 overall by the Carolina Panthers. His NFL Combine 40 time was 4.48, his broad jump 10.1, vertical 37.5 and he weighed 10 pounds less than Hill.
  15. Weren't the co-defendants colluding their stories to extort DeAndre Baker? I'm pretty sure I remember a lawyer getting hit with extortion over it.
  16. Let's talk about how accurate Winston's vision is now that he got lasik eye surgery in the offseason.
  17. The Saints are playing for the #1 seed... The more I think about it the more I realize they need to get as much out of Taysom as they can... Brees will be back for the playoffs and they do have Winston.
  18. Interesting article on Taysom's eligibility on different platforms if anyone cares to read it: https://www.sportingnews.com/us/fantasy/news/taysom-hill-tight-end-eligibility-fantasy-football/1pj0fantm9qcn14jqvkcvaakeo
  19. Pittman is really coming into his own. 7 targets last week. 8 targets this week. 157 yards over the last 2 games and continuing to build rapport with Rivers.
  20. Justin Jefferson is an absolute stud. He's locked in my lineup the rest of the season. I hope he beats out his LSU teammate Burrow for offensive rookie of the year.
  21. The next hack to this may be lock him into your TE lineup now and hopefully he can just be stuck there ROS. Similar things have worked on CBS and Yahoo in keeper leagues upon keepers losing eligibility at specific positions
  22. Well ain't that some bullsnap... I bet they don't give people their waiver priority or FAAB Budget back upon making that move.
  23. Hopefully they just unleash Tysom and I can rack up 23 points a week out of my TE ROS.
  24. If Taysom Hill beats Winston out for the starting QB job (which I feel is unlikely) he would be a fantasy God. QB2 even QB3 numbers at TE in ESPN leagues. Everyone should add this guy for right now just in case this does end up happening.
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