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  1. Pretty sure Freeman is a mere 24, not 29. Freddie Freeman went 2-for-4 with two RBI and a run scored Friday against the Diamondbacks. Freeman had RBI singles in the first and seventh innings. The 29-year-old has knocked in nine runs over his last eight games to bring his total up to 46 for the year. The Braves have won eight straight games and are now 10 games above .500 at 48-38.
  2. When did everything turn into a Kawhi vs George debate? Lol. I will respectfully disagree with your choice though.
  3. Actually, it's the Lebron haters who always seem to have their "panties in a bunch", whining and complaining about Lebron, finding every angle to diminish his achievements and beating the dead horse on all his failures. Meanwhile, the guy is a two-time champ, a class act on and off the floor, and he's never gotten into any trouble. He's not a total class act. The Decision wasn't a class act, nicknaming himself "The Chosen One" and "King James" wasn't classy either. That's pretty much narcissism. Overall he's been a great role model but he has his flaws of making everything about himself t
  4. pretty much Why is Joe Montana considered the best ever and not Peyton Manning? He went 4 for 4 and put up dominant numbers in his Super Bowls while Peyton played poorly in his Super Bowls, especially that last one. Losses DO matter to some extent. Like it or not people, they DO matter somewhat.
  5. All that matters is 2 rings. 2 Finals MVPs. You win some, you lose some. it's hard to win in this league. He'll have more chances in the future. Losses count too. Gotta take the good with the bad. There's a reason why Jordan is widely considered the best ever. 6 for 6, with the highest career regular season and post season scoring averages.
  6. I just thought it was funny. So to the LeBron lovers, don't get your panties in a bunch.
  7. Tim Duncan ties Kobe Bryant with 5. But I'd rather have Duncan over Kobe.
  8. I think he's pretty much given up himself. He can stay in the game if he really wants to. I didn't see him put up any kind of fight. It's over.
  9. No. He has potential to be, but he isn't the playmaker PG is.
  10. It's wrong to criticize a player. Everybody should say nothing but positive things about a player. Is LeBron untouchable or something? He brings it upon himself in many cases. Sometimes it's fair, sometimes it isn't. I defended him over the cramps, but the fact LeBron likes to make everything about himself and loves the spotlight a little too much for his own good, I won't defend him for that.
  11. LeBron has brought a lot of the hate on himself for all the things he's done in his career. He just needs to keep his mouth shut and play ball. Tim Duncan is the perfect role model for that. He's never once tried to grab the spot light, or show off, or begged for the microphone and camera to be on him.
  12. They've played great. Duncan is the most underrated HOFer I've personally seen in sports. He gets little attention, mostly because of his personality, or lack of one. Duncan for Finals MVP if the Spurs win another one and the contributions by the players are similar to the games so far. Kawhi arguably deserves it also, but Duncan is the heart and anchor of the team. His numbers are not the best, but his presence is definitely most valuable. Spurs have a chance without Kawhi, but no chance without Duncan. Plus, while watching this game, I notice how the Spurs do not show their emotion o
  13. The Spurs in general just seem to be one of those highly underrated teams every year. They get attention, but not as much as the Clippers, Rockets, Warriors, and Thunder do. Those teams have all the shiny new toys while the Spurs are the older team without any big personalities. They don't have lob city, or Harden and Dwight, or Steph Curry's outrageous shooting, or Durant and Westbrook. All they have is good old "boring" basketball the way it's supposed to be played.
  14. They've played great. Duncan is the most underrated HOFer I've personally seen in sports. He gets little attention, mostly because of his personality, or lack of one. He's no Michael Jordan though. No he isn't. Way to still not defend the Game 3 performance as you cowardly avoid that. All you do is keep poking at other things I've said.
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