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  1. luck vs skill...am I an unlucky owner, or one who lacks skill lol... is it ok to feel dejected? is there a hotline?
  2. If you stacked Watson/Hopkins too, here's hoping the force feeding begins
  3. As it pertains to Winston and Watson... Hopkins, Fuller, Perriman... what if it's NOT the shootout everyone is predicting? So much on the line in this Saturday 1 pm game, esp when you have multiple guys involved. #sweating
  4. Man. I'll have to go down with the ship (Watson/Hopkins) in that case, weatherman be damned lol. Just won claim for Breshad, but leaning to sit for Kirk, Robby or DK... My Lockett & DK vs his Russ, high drama... 6 targets, 3 TD's is eye poppin', then again SOMEBODY'S getting more action w/Godwin out.... and I vote Ronald Jones > Breshad. I yield my time.
  5. do we apply this to Watson and Hopkins too?
  6. Which RB in THIS game puts up the most today, Powell > Laird
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