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  1. Didn't he say that two days ago though? So they're just staying consistent?
  2. So free? No, I don't think people should have free access to other people's products and/or services Do you?
  3. I specifically asked you what access meant, and you didn't answer lol Hey since the season is over, did you lose your Siakam bet? Again?
  4. Literally the same thing? What has the internet taught you lmao
  5. All kinds of ****? Do you think he was a saint or something?
  6. Ahhh the online socialist circlejerk. It reminds me of the online atheist circlejerk ten years ago. Same type of kids, same type of results.
  7. Just saying, foreigners yelling about how they don't like American healthcare is always funny as f--- to me. So try hard.
  8. You're doing the thing lmao Bro I'm a Democrat and I'm in favor of better healthcare but truth be told I couldn't give a f--- about poor people beyond that- like I'm not gonna make a huge deal about any yell about how they have a right to someone else's product and services. "Sure, sure, whatever, I'll pay $100 more dollars a year to help them out, but I don't care enough to cry about it". I'm glad, though, that while I'm willing to cover the extra money, Canadians are willing to cover the extra "cry online" factor. So you guys shout about it and feel superior because...your gover
  9. lol Canadians are so weird "WHY DON'T YOU HAVE HEALTHCARE LIKE WE DO, OURS IS THE BEST?!?!" No one is as concerned about anything that happens to another countries population as much as Canadians are concerned with how much Americans pay (or don't, if you're healthy).
  10. Yeah, that's a good option imo. As far as fantasy goes, though, if they DON'T do that, it's either pay everyone back their money, which will piss people off and cost yahoo money, or pay out as if the season ended, which will piss people off as well, but yahoo will get their money.
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