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  1. In redraft someone dropped Gallen. I was all set to put in a bid with some free agent bucks. Tonight I notice one owner posted a message telling the owner who dropped Gallen, that the league has DL slots and he doesn't have to drop injured players. Whether or not the owner who dropped him wasn't aware we have DL slots, I don't know. We have 4 and I kind of find it a bit hard to believe someone in a paid league didn't realize they had DL slots. This is a Yahoo money league, random owners and no one knows each other. Should I feel like crap for putting in a bid on Gallen ? If I don't
  2. If I knew both will come back fairly strong its a bit of a coin flip. Soroka is a QS machine, Sale maybe after surgery he gets some of his K potential back who knows. Soroka had a little setback, not sure how long that may delay him. Not really sure I can confidently pick either over the other right now. Soroka might be a slightly safer bet not relying on power as much as Sale and might have the better chance to hit the ground running.
  3. I'd probably stay put. They say Noah could be back June or July but who knows what shape he'll be in and how much he may or may not help this season. I'd see if there is any other counter to make.
  4. I've been a Pablo fan although haven't followed him this year, he's got good stuff and Civale is looking very good thus far. I'd probably Go Covale and Pablo my 2nd choice.
  5. For redraft... How much free agent budget would you use for Zac Gallen ? I have $85 to work with. I was very surprised to see him dropped yesterday, especially as his Yahoo note says he might make his debut Tuesday. With SP picked to the bone it's crazy someone dropped him.
  6. In roto Miley will seemingly help you a little more I guess. Who knows if Davis gets many SV chances, doesn't seem like anyone you can really bank on.
  7. I tried to get Clase, thought I had a open roster spot when I put the claim in. Woke up today and wasn't on my team nor anyone else's. Must not have had the open roster slot I thought. Well putting the waiver again and dropping someone heh.
  8. Got one add left this week and debating between Emmanuel Clase, Yimi Garcia, Ordorrizi. Which one player would you add ? Clase and Yimi aren't officially pegged as their teams closers but many think they will be soon and have pitched well. Saves have been hard to come by for many fantasy owners thus far including myself. Odorizzi could end up doing pretty good in HOU, if he pitches like he has typically he should be in line for a decent number of wins. Was curious which one player you'd try to add or which player you like most for my team below. C Sal 1B Alonso 2B Whit 3B Chapm
  9. If Yelich bounces back, him and Torres would be pretty darn good to have on your team and I'd prefer that tandem over Ozuna and Hiura. I'm more confident in Yelich bouncing back big than Hiura. Hiura should balance out at some point, but who knows where he goes from there. You give up some SP bit get one back at least and Mahle could be solid this year, I've seen a lot of people drafting and expecting him to take a step forward.
  10. In a heartbeat I'd take that deal. Kimbrel may very well end up being a roller coaster all year even if he has started strong. Another save option will always sprout up eventually.
  11. Tough one not knowing how Kluber and Taillon will do after the injuries they're coming back from. There's a chance they end up pitching fairly well and could be pretty handy, wouldn't surprise me either to see either get injured again though. I'd say Chapman is the better side, even if he's aggravating me as a first time owner. Should be less question marks for him to crank a decent amount of HRs like usual than Kluber/Tallon bouncing back in a big enough way. If you'd be trading Chapman and have a strong enough lineup to take a gamble on them, still a tough decision. If you're trading t
  12. Sox fan here. With the SP you have I'd consider dripping Sale. I agree as stated above he seemingly has a longer road back them others you have and who knows how effective he'll be once he is back. For the bat I'd go with Gurriel.
  13. Really close for me bit I'd probably go German. With the roller coaster ride Rodon has been it's hard for me to buy into him too much. But he could surprise us if he stays healthy and that curve or whatever the new pitch he has implemented this year is effective for him.
  14. I've played a lot of fantasy and considered what you've mentioned many times myself. I've typically always plugged in the bats I have, knowing against Grom or Bieber types they aren't likely to do much. Usually you're right though it ends up hurting you more often than doing any good. There have been times I benched a bat vs an ace, especially in a head to head match where I might be neck to neck in betting average. Usually in cases like that it's worked in my favor. Although there could be other categories where I'm within a point or two of winning or losing, which I then put my hitter
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