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  1. Lost $1,400 when Vic Fangio thought it was a good idea to call a time out with Raiders 4 & goal @ the 1. Time running, roughly 30 seconds left, no Jacobs on the field.
  2. I get to say I am one of the teams with Kamara and still lost...
  3. Anyone afraid of the vikings stacking the line of scrimmage and forcing Mitch to beat them thru the air?
  4. Antonio Brown signing did him no favors. Brady missed him on a deep crossing pattern, he was wide open and possibly scores a 50+ yd td. Brady threw it 10 feet over his head.
  5. Std scoring, Im leaning Jones with Michel expected back this week. WHIR
  6. Im giving it a go, hoping he breaks a long one tonight!
  7. 8-1 facing another 8-1 team and I lost by .7. He had Murray and hopkins.....I switched out C.Patterson for Mooney prior to kickoff.. SMH
  8. Unless... They are in the redzone, Ryan never looks his way down there.. Julio Decoy Jones inside the 20..
  9. 10 team 6 pt td 4 pt passing td 2 pt per 25 yds rushing/receiving 3 pts for 150 passing 2 for every 50 after Drafted 6th auto drafted Dak in the 2nd....fml QB Prescott RB Kamara, Drake WR-TE Godwin, Kittle, Andrews K Butker Bench Wentz Carson, Montgomery rb, Mattison Hardman, waller, roby anderson, van jefferson
  10. im a believer in Godwin, hes the wr that tb12 loves to throw to!
  11. The other part of this trade is what he is gaining. Did i mention we are in the same division? Ha Mahomes Cook Thomas Evans Julio Kelce
  12. Am i actually loosing this trade? Especially if D.Jones comes out much improved this year.
  13. 10 team dynasty league I have an offer of julio and Daniel Jones for Lamar and a 3.06 pick. I need to pull the trigger right? He has Mahomes too, thats why he is even offering. Std scoring, start 1 qb, 2 rb 2 wr, flex, Te, k Current Roster A. Rodgers D. Jones Kamara Mixon Eckler Penny Julio Hopkins Godwin Robinson Hardman Thanks
  14. Im trailing buy a wide margin thanks to Jackson & Ingram. Who do i play? Im leaning Fitz.. Rodgers Trubisky Fitspatrick Goff
  15. Faced Jackson 1 league, jackson and Ingram in another... fun while it lasted!
  16. How many people saw Sanders taking a back seat to Boston Scott this week??
  17. No doubt them garbage pts might hurt a few of us monday night
  18. Possibly, but also allows the saints safties to play closer to the line of scrimmage.
  19. Hes a big julio fan...offer him instead? I mean this guy is matt ryans decoy in the redzone!
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