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  1. I'm holding him to find out the answer of that question...
  2. Would keeping Kelenic sway any of your decisions?
  3. My six big keeper bats are: Betts Freeman Soto Bregman Vlad and Robert
  4. we wager $25 through LeagueSafe but for new owners this can be opted out of for the first year.
  5. Hi Everyone, In a 6x6 Roto (IP as a the 6th category and AVG and OPS for hitting) Which 3 after my big 6 bats would you keep from this list: Ketel Marte Eugenio Suarez Bohm Mountcastle Snell Woodruff Burnes Ian Anderson Full team is here: https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/7960/2
  6. Hello, We are a Yahoo-based dynasty league entering our 10th season and this year we've had some churn with 4 new openings (one has already been filled). The league is highly active and we roster up to 10 minor league players as well with a first year player draft every February. The five new owners will hold a mini-draft from a pool from the roster of the five vacant teams and you can view the available players here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dN8PCR2vChd-wBPTnACA21WcnWePDZgTOnxqotDeWLg/edit?usp=drivesdk To see league settings: https://baseball.fa
  7. 23yr old swinging a very hot bat... What do we have here?
  8. Thanks! It is a 14 team H2H where we use QS instead of wins and OPS instead of average... We do use a MI slot, I have Atulve, Story and DeJong up the middle. We have 10player MiLB rosters where I don't have any MI...
  9. @brockpapersizer @FouLLine @TheTruth024 @Coach George @Tryptamine @ST. STEVEN @ChicksDigTheOPS @hailfire4 Hi fellas, if you have any input on the above would be grateful.. Also available: Alex Canario I'm about to trade Lux, Puk and Riley to acquire Bieber and can add two prospects to replace Lux and Puk...I've already penciled in Alex Manoah to replace Puk and am looking to add a bat to replace Lux. Any suggestions appreciated, thx!
  10. How would you rank these prospects for fantasy purposes in a dynasty league: Dalbec Paredes Rocchio LRod (dodgers) Heriberto Hernandez Thx
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