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  1. Should I be concerned that Matt Bush is still showing up as not officially on the Rangers roster? (I should be concerned that I have Matt Bush in the fist place, I know.)
  2. Wanna feel old? Remember the last time this guy was in the starting lineup.
  3. Anyone read/hear anything about his progress?
  4. Matt Barnes actually could pitch to Derek Fisher when the Astros play the Red Sox this weekend. If Barnes beans Fisher, I think that pretty much proves we're living in a simulation.
  5. Hopefully he just sprained his hair or something.
  6. Anyone heard any update on whether he's headed to the DL? Was supposed to get an MRI yesterday.
  7. I can't imagine them sending him back down if he performs.
  8. Thoughts on the 19 year-old who was ranked #19 on Keith Law's most recent top prospect list? He's having a nice year at the plate and appears to be able to handle the position.
  9. Well, what do you know, it's Milone that gets sent down, not Straily.
  10. I think if his rehab outings go well he will go back into the rotation (at Straily's expense).
  11. A's have have some days off in the next couple weeks, wouldn't be surprised if Straily gets sent down.
  12. Anderson is in much better shape than he used to be, but he still falls off the mound after he throws, which puts pressure on that foot (and also increases the risk of him getting drilled).
  13. I think he's auditioning to keep his job today. Sonny Gray nearly got the call and is waiting in the wings.
  14. That game was such a Pyrrhic victory for the A's. They lost Anderson, Crisp and Young and have been scuffling ever since.
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